Everything for digital logistics. On one platform.

The RIO platform bundles digital solutions for the complete ecosystem of the transport and logistics world. Yes, really, all of it: from the consigner via the forwarding agent and transport company, shipper, dispatcher and driver to the recipient. There's something for everyone. Guaranteed.

Services for all.

Whether you're a small business or a global company: RIO bundles the best services the industry has to offer, and gives customers the choice: Digital services can be ordered as and when required. So customers are provided with exactly what they need. And only that.


Ready to run straight away

RIO makes it really easy to join the digital world of logistics: Use lots of key functions immediately after signing up, and completely free of charge.


No more diversions

Manage your drivers' routines with no time-consuming diversions. RIO will help you plan and optimise your routes.


RIO out of the Box

To make optimum use of RIO's wide range of services, all you need is a RIO Box installed in your vehicles. RIO enables you to keep a check on your entire fleet, as well as offering retrofit solutions.

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RIO Essentials.

Getting started is the hard part? Not with RIO! It's really easy to get on-board: You can use lots of key RIO functions immediately after signing up online, and completely free of charge. That means you can discover RIO at absolutely no risk to yourself or your business.

No paperwork. No signatures marathon. Just get started.

Sign up to the RIO platform online with just a few clicks. Enter your company details, and you will get a confirmation by return in your inbox. All you have to do then is set up your fleet and activate vehicles. And you're ready to roll. 


State-of-the-art map material

Everything mapped: RIO not only shows you the vehicles' current positions, but also their trip histories over the last 10 days.

Vehicle-specific operational analysis

With just one click, RIO will analyse the fuel consumption, mileage and average speed of your entire fleet.

Vehicle data overview

With RIO you always have your key vehicle and driver data at your fingertips. Such as mileage, for example.

Access to the Marketplace

Order additional services – from RIO, our partners or your vehicle manufacturers – through your Marketplace. With no risk or heavy investment.

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New Services.

RIO is continually being enhanced. That means our maintenance portfolio will also be continually expanded, and in fact many new services will be added for you to use in the next few weeks.

New RIO Services


Synfioo Premium ETA

Synfioo Premium ETA gives you a better handle on your transportation chain than ever before. Thanks to live information, you can identify delays early and will be kept in the loop whenever drivers reach your next route checkpoints. Allowing you to respond in your customers’ best interests, planning to perfection.

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The new RIO Geo accessory lets you give the range of RIO Essentials functions a clear expansion. Within its first phase, you can receive a detailed overview of your vehicles’ latest positions, receive information about the remaining driving time, and get a longer-lasting storage service for data.

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RIO Push

The direct line to your drivers always breaks off? That won't happen again. With RIO Push, you can communicate with your drivers from the comfort of your desk. Text messages are quickly read, written and sent to the driver's smartphone. Of course, you can also send pictures - all in one app. Convenient, fast and reliable - that's RIO Push.

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RIO Advance

With the RIO service newcomer, you can expand the functionalities of RIO Essentials: the storage time of RIO Essentials data increases substantially. This gives you deeper and more up-to-date insights into the everyday life of your fleet, and long-term trend analysis becomes a child's play.

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RIO Maintenance

Workshop utilization and vehicle availability made easy with RIO Maintenance. The workshop monitor provides a clear overview of all maintenance and condition data of your fleet at a glance. In addition, RIO Maintenance offers a workshop management, which organizes manual maintenance tasks.

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RIO Compliant

RIO Compliant makes sure that all legal obligations are met and fulfilled. How? Quite simple: download tachograph and driver card data with just one click. RIO Compliant also ensures the legal compliance of the tachograph data memory. One less worry, money saved and more time for logistics.

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Rio Chapter

coming soon.

RIO is continually being enhanced. That means our maintenance portfolio will also be continually expanded, and in fact many new services will be added for you to use in the next few weeks.

RIO Services

RIO is making the everyday work of transport and logistics companies increasingly easy. Key areas of focus are communications with drivers, efficient route planning and route optimisation. Maintenance management is becoming more extensive, and more user-friendly at the same time. And there's one more step: Vehicles with older telematics hardware can also be integrated into the RIO platform.

Partner Services

RIO consolidates not only its own solutions but also services from experts in many different fields on a single platform. In this way, existing Partner Services are integrated and cleverly combined. From ETA, through Track & Trace, to large-scale transport management systems: RIO will enhance your performance capabilities even further.

MAN DigitalServices

Existing MAN DigitalServices will also be usable via RIO. RIO will provide all the relevant maintenance data, displayed to service workshops for the purposes of optimum maintenance planning. Or operational analyses for personalised driver coaching.

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No RIO Box? No problem!

Quickly and easily retrofit a RIO Box or upgrade hardware.

rio box

The RIO Box is already fitted as standard in all MAN trucks, and from 2018 will be available as a retrofit solution. This will enable you to fit out your entire fleet with the vehicle management unit. Vehicle data is transferred to the platform easily and at lightning speed, over the air. Any necessary updates to the RIO Box are downloaded in the same way. Visiting the workshop visit is no longer necessary.

Retrofit RIO

RIO Box retrofitting is available for MAN, Scania, DAF, Iveco, Mercedes, Volvo and Renault vehicles. With a manufacturer-enabled FMS interface, the RIO Box can be retrofitted anywhere in the Europe-wide MAN Truck & Bus workshop network. Arrange an appointment now to have the RIO Box installed.

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RIO Hardware Shop

RIO is open to all: That also applies to mobile devices – choose your own device. It's easy to order a wide range of mobile devices capable of making optimum use of RIO online from the RIO Hardware Shop.

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