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idem Telematics

Trailer Telematics

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Reliable arrival times

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Analysis of tachograph data

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Analysis of tachograph data

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MAN Card

Service Card

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Trailer telematics.

Telematics to ensure you never trail behind the competition. Specialised services about trailers, bodies and towed units generally.

With the idem Trailer Connector we provide the connection between tractor and trailer. From now on, all idem telematics customers can also view their trailer data on the RIO Platform. In the future, you will not only have an overview of your tractors, but also of all trailers comfortably on just one platform.

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Reliable arrival times.

Partner services for arrival time forecasts. Improve your planning, avoid downtimes and increase customer satisfaction.

Planning trips accurately is challenging, especially in terms of arrival times at different checkpoints. It becomes particularly difficult when external factors need to be accounted for. It is virtually impossible to check the weather report throughout all trips or find congestion forecasts. That’s why there’s Synfioo - a RIO partner.

With Synfioo Premium ETA, arrival times can be reliably predicted. Additionally, precise information about congestion, bad weather and waiting times is used. Consideration is even made for driving time and rest time when making calculations. In this manner, you have your entire transport chain under greater control than ever before, can recognise delays early and can react in the interests of your customers. This is planning taken to the very highest level.

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Analysis of tachograph data.

Everything you need to know about legally required data storage in connection with breaks, time at the wheel and rest time.

VDO TIS-Web® Connect has a precious gift for you: time. No more manual upload of tachograph data for violation analysis from now on. Just lean back and let RIO take care of that for you. The VDO TIS-Web® Connect interface sends all information about your drivers' rest-, drive-,  work- or stand-by time via RIO Compliant directly to the VDO TIS-Web® Data Management application.   There you can archive and analyze your data per the legal requirements as usual.

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TX-SOCIAL is the partner service for seamless transfer of tachograph data for evaluation and processing by WABCO. Manual downloads and uploads are now a thing of the past. Driving and resting times can be analysed, and basic data can be added to the payroll.

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Service Cards.

Save hard cash. Fleet cards grant savings and help you to keep the TCO under control.

The MAN Card means you have the right card to hand at any time in your glove compartment. A refuelling and service card which enables you to find the right network of a total of 53,000 petrol stations throughout Europe, in cooperation with partners LogPay, Shell, Aral/BP as well as Total/AS24. The MAN card offers you even more: whether road tolls or services, the free payment commitment at MAN service points and Mobile24 or a billing service, the MAN card has it all under control. Place your bet on the combined strength of one card.

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