The map with even more functions

RIO Geo is an extension of the fleet monitor from the basic RIO Essentials service – the digital compass for your fleet.

Why RIO Geo?

Keeping an eye on your fleet at all times and in any location is particularly important for successful fleet management and scheduling. RIO Geo provides you with a detailed overview of your vehicles' latest locations once a minute. You can carry out precise deployment planning thanks to the display of remaining driving time until the next break; the storage period for data is also increased to up to maximum three months.

What RIO Geo can do

Features & functions

  • Current vehicle position transmitted once a minute with all the important information
  • Live data view, displayed in map or list format
  • Route planning for trucks in standard and custom sizes
  • Individual points of interest (POIs) and geofences with import function

Included for you

Your benefits

  • Detailed vehicle overview with minute-by-minute location data
  • Route planning for your truck, factoring in traffic and toll charges
  • Travel history extended to a maximum of three months

Start now!

What you need to get started


You need a RIO box installed in the vehicle

Web-enabled end device

With an Internet connection and a new operating system

Internet Browser

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer 11

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