Mobile fleet management

An intelligent telematics app always keeps you connected to your fleet.

Your fleet goes with you wherever you go.

As a fleet manager in particular, you are often on the move and don’t spend much time at your desk. Yet you still have to be able to make decisions and answer your customers’ requests at any time, no matter where you are. The keyword here is: mobile fleet management. RIO provides you with all of the important information you need for this in an intelligent telematics app.

With Pocket Fleet , you can keep constant track of all your vehicles and drivers, together with the most important status information – with a state-of-the-art and attractive user interface. With our free app , managing your fleet when on the move becomes a joy. The app is available for Android users and anyone who uses an Apple phone.

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Keep track of your vehicles at all times

Our logistics app has a lot to offer in a small space.

Map material

Different map modes with current vehicle locations and traffic information.

Live data

Check information such as driving direction, speed and tank fill level.

Historical data

Check the last six hours of any route and see various events (e.g. start of a trip).*


Check exactly which driver is currently driving which vehicle.


Check your drivers’ activities in real time. Residual driving times and the respective current status are available in the mobile app.*


Schedule trips even when on the move using up-to-date status information for your drivers.*

*) Some functions require the purchase of fee-based services from the RIO Marketplace.

Available for iOS and Android


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Thanks to this app, I can see the entire picture of what’s going on!

Your app has a clear layout and using it is incredibly intuitive.

I finally know where my trucks are! It works perfectly.

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No risks

Fee-based services can be ordered and removed on a daily basis.

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The Essentials service is already available for you completely free of charge.

Independent system

All of the solutions and services have been designed for use with a mixed fleet.

You can get started immediately

There’s no need to download any software and you can get started right away.