The cloud-based all-in-one solution for your logistics processes!

Cartright is connected automatically to your RIO fleet and its intuitive driver app supports digitalisation of transportation and storage processes.

  • Flexible order and billing processes
  • Automatic shift time and expense reports
  • Configurable departure and driving licence checks
  • Geofencing
  • Web-based
  • Multiple languages
  • And much more.
Overview of all modules
With mobile
driver app

Your company, your needs, your software!

No two companies are the same. So why should software be the same for every company?

Personnel and fleet

Use clearly laid out digital files for administration of your staff, your fleet and even third party vehicles from subcontractors. An activity status, an important appointment or an employee’s holidays can quickly be viewed.

Materials planning

Visual materials planning using drag & drop with intelligent route optimisation can reduce your planning work and costs. Links to the Cartright driver app, your RIO account or external service providers ensure a smooth flow of information.

Master data administration

Store all data about your debtors, creditors, employees, materials, load carriers and much more logically and clearly for fast access. You can store documents of all types for any data record and geocode addresses with no trouble at all.

Billing & accounting

Quickly and easily create individual or collective invoices for drivers, customers or subcontractors. Credit notes, cancellations and reminders are also available. Maintain an overview of income and outgoings or easily export data to external accounting software.


A graphical dashboard, real time reports and charts give you the support you need. Thanks to real time business assessments on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, you are always perfectly informed about your liquidity situation.

Customer access

Give your customers and subcontractors access to an approved section of your system. Time-saving reconciliation of all outstanding items and table of due and paid invoices. Intuitive printing of all documents possible, directly by the customer or subcontractor.

Warehouse management

Maintain an overview at all times thanks to a tabular display of your inventories. Stock lists, labels, barcodes and delivery notes can be printed quickly and easily. The link to the driver app and materials planning makes life easier for you in numerous ways.

As unique as colourful building bricks, fits like a tailored suit.

As well as the native integration into RIO, it is modularity that sets Cartright apart from other transport management systems. The TMS adapts to your operational needs in the blink of an eye, providing every vehicle with a route to connectivity.


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