Why RIO?

Because, with every day, the world turns a little faster. Because it’s ever more networked and the transport industry needs to react accordingly. And above all, because RIO is much more than just a reaction, it’s an opportunity to help shape this new world and to profit from it. With its open, cloud-based platform, RIO covers the global supply chain – from the consigner via the forwarding agent and transport company, shipper, dispatcher and driver to the recipient. With that, RIO bundles digital solutions with complete transport and logistic ecosystems and, at the end of the day, makes everything much more transparent and efficient. That’s why RIO.

The Platform

A PLATFORM For the entire logistic industry. Really today?

Rio is the answer to
questions that no-one’s asked yet.

RIO is an open, manufacturer-independent, cloud-based platform that will bring the global transport and logistic ecosystem a big step forward. Admittedly, that’s a large claim – but we believe it. And even more important: we’re working on it. Every day. 

RIO is independent.

RIO is the first transparent platform for freight transport that works independently of vehicle manufacturers and telematics systems. With it, RIO bundles digital services for the entire transport and logistic ecosystem and all its participants. 

RIO makes data really smart.

RIO combines information about tractor units, trailers, superstructures, drivers and orders with data about traffic, weather and navigation. The result: valuable recommendations for action in real time. And, of course, configurable.    

RIO accompanies us in a new age.

RIO lives and breathes a vision of an intermodal, fully networked and sustainable supply chain and, with its platform, provides a holistic approach to it. Because RIO offers all the benefits of digitalization for large companies as well as small businesses in the logistics industry. With RIO, you’re in at the start and can profit directly. 

RIO comes from a good home.

RIO is developed by the Volkswagen Truck & Bus Group and is built on long-term partnerships with industry experience. 

why rio chapter

RIO actually makes the world a little better.

These are also big words. However, when, through the digitalization of the global transport and logistic ecosystem, we make a significant contribution to improving profitability and, at the same time, actively protect the environment, we think that big words are in order. With RIO, we’re ideally equipped for the digital age of intelligent transport systems.

RIO lets us sleep easily.

Because it brings all relevant information together, such as tractor units and trailers with traffic, weather or navigation information, RIO delivers concrete recommendations for action in real time. Thanks to a clear increase in your efficiency, you generate more revenue, lower your costs and, at the end of the day, there’s more left for you. That’s how we make RIO customers more efficient and future-oriented.

RIO offers plenty for everyone.

RIO isn’t tied to a vehicle brand or telematics system. As a fleet customer with a mix of vehicles, you can now get an overview of your entire fleet with a single platform and access precisely those digital services that really help you.

RIO brings together, that which belongs together.

From sender to recipient, all parties involved in the supply chain are networked with each other via a uniform information and application system. As a result, RIO brings all participants in the global transport and logistic ecosystem together under one roof. And, collectively, a good step forward.

RIO is open.

Because our future is open – and networked. And because no company can develop all the services for a global transport and logistic ecosystem alone. That’s why RIO is open for cooperation with a wide range of partners. Only with collective expertise and a variety of services available in the marketplace, and integrated into the platform, can RIO achieve its goals: Networking vehicles and then networking the entire logistic value chain.

RIO stays secure.

Open and networked is one thing, data protection is another. Data, of course, belongs to customers and customers decide for themselves what they want to share. Furthermore, what happens in RIO stays in RIO.

RIO is retrofittable.

Via an FMS 2.0 interface RIO can, by the way, be retrofitted in all types of vehicle. Existing solutions, for example administration of vehicle data, service, spare part storage or driver availability can then be fed into RIO.

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why rio chapter

RIO offers a lot of services. And the number’s growing.

There’s something for everyone. Guaranteed. 

RIO offers vehicle-specific services, for example from MAN, and in the RIO marketplace you’ll also find additional services from third-party suppliers. We see successful and trusting cooperation with a wide range of partners as an important measure for the success of RIO. Because all our partners add expertise to the value chain of our products. The exciting thing about RIO will, therefore, be the diversity of services that can only come about through close cooperation with a variety of specialists.

Interested? Read more or get in touch with us. 

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RIO essentials: these functions are on board from the start.

You can get going immediately. RIO comes with a comprehensive starter package that helps you from the off. Right from the start, all relevant data and functions are available, not only for basic fleet management but also for deployment analysis.

Vehicle and driver data.

Everything’s visible: driver data, GPS coordinates, mileage, remaining journey time and much more.


Information about all vehicles and their current position is available at a glance in a modern map display together with traffic information.


Based on data from the last ten days about fuel consumption, speed, vehicle weight and route, RIO calculates helpful forecasts to help you increase your efficiency.


You’ll find numerous services in the RIO marketplace that make you faster and more efficient. And thereby more cost-effective and competitive.

RIO stands for 1001 services. Here are three examples from our marketplace.


Loadfox helps improve truck utilization with an innovative algorithm that assigns additional loads to partly loaded vehicles along their route.

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Reliable arrival times.

The 360° real-time transport monitoring system, available for immediate use from synfioo, you can keep an eye on all shipments and not miss any disruption such as traffic jams, adverse weather conditions or waiting times.

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With idem telematics, your trailer management is simple and complete: From maintenance management, right down to location and temperature of the load and locking of the doors – all relevant data is available on screen.

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Be there when something happens.

RIO will bring global freight traffic a big step forwards. And, with our regular newsletter, you’re guaranteed not to miss a single step of it.

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Frequently asked questions about RIO.

RIO has its origin in the Spanish and Portuguese language and stands for the ideal status of the entire supply chain which is flow. If everything moves - is in its flow - everything is fine. No flow means costs.
RIO was developed by marketing experts which wanted to take a name that is completely different to the known players in the market.
The RIO team of experts. They represent more than 500 years of digitalization experience in the Transport & Logistics industry.
RIO was initiated by MAN Truck & Bus AG but has been a separate brand under the umbrella of the Volkswagen Truck & Bus Group since its founding. RIO, MAN and Scania are jointly developing a platform for the logistics industry.
It is a connected world, especially in the global supply chain. Our ecosystem requires some data to be shared to fully work at an optimum level for all stakeholders. A RIO customer will receive his individual value adding business benefits from the entire ecosystem by sharing his data. This in return will enhance his individual business processes..

Any questions still open? Get in touch with us!