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Points of interest

A personalised map with your own points of interest (POIs)

There are many good reasons to add your own address markers to the map. Regular customers’ addresses are just as important as your own company’s location. How many times have you had to enter that into the search bar now? There are also lots of POI compilations online, even for the logistics sector. This makes it much easier to plan routes while making things more pleasant for your drivers, too.

With Geo, you can now add your own POIs or even upload entire compilations. Why not give it a go? Add Geo to your basic package.

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Downtimes can be analysed intelligently

Sometimes it’s good to know when a vehicle has reached an important location or departed again. Seeing the duration of a stop can also be useful. Geo has recently started offering a “geofence” feature that gives you these options. Mark a radius around a specific address or trace company premises on the map. You can then track your vehicles as they enter and leave this area.

Why not give it a go? Find out how useful this function can be.

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An end to uncertainty

You have an ace up your sleeve when invoicing customers

If you’ve constantly had uncertainty about punctuality and adherence to deadlines, that will now be a thing of the past. Geo tracks the times of arrivals and departures into and out of your geofences before meticulously saving them in the log for reference. This allows you to prove punctual delivery to a customer three months down the line or speak openly with your drivers about the reasons for any delay.

Check it out. It really can be that easy.

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Route planning with POIs and geofences

Guide your driver on the shortest route to POIs and geofences

POIs and geofences are more than just handy, visual reference points on the map. To exploit their full potential, they should both be used for route planning as well. Time is money, so it’s a definite bonus when recurring tasks can be automated.

That’s digitalisation.

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