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Send the location of your truck by means of a link and enable your customer to access the map

The new “Position Sharing” function from our Geo service offers your customers complete transparency: From now on, you can share vehicle location data with your customers easily in the form of a link. This allows your customer to see the shared location on the map even if they do not have a RIO account. The truck location is updated on a regular basis.

You will continue to have full control over matters throughout the process and will be able to configure exactly how the location data is shared and delete it at any time.

How does it all work?

Share the location of a vehicle

Step 1
Click on “Position Sharing” in the main navigation bar or on “Share location link” in the overview sidebar in order to open sharing management.

Step 2
Click on “New” to generate a sharing link and fill out all the required fields: Name, vehicle, share from and share until.

Step 3
Copy or open the sharing link.

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What do the different statuses mean?

The status indicates what the recipient can currently achieve with the shared link.

The recipient can open the link but cannot see the location of the vehicle.

The link recipient can see the most recent location of the vehicle.

The recipient can open the link but can only see the most recent location data for the sharing period.

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How is highly sensitive information handled?

Don’t worry: Despite the fact you are sharing the location, highly sensitive information such as the driver’s name will not be shared and cannot be viewed by the recipient.