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Changes to our General Terms and Conditions for use of the platform

At RIO, we are always striving to develop and improve our services. For this reason, we are updating our General Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) for Use of the RIO Platform as of 17 December 2021.

You can find a description of all the changes we have made to the “Platform T&Cs” on this page.

Content-related changes made1.1, 1.2, 3.1, 4.2, 5.4, 7.3, 8.3 (8.3.1, 8.3.2, 8.3.4 ii, 8.3.5), 8.5, 11.2, 11.4, 11.5
Sections added3.4 and Annex 1 to the T&Cs for Use of the Platform
Sections removed-