The dispatching software for more transparency

Transparency is a key factor for your customers, and so is vital to your commercial success. It can quickly become a problem if the customer calls and the dispatcher does not know the current status of their consignment. The Dispatch software saves you time and worry, because a quick glance at its route monitor provides all the relevant details. Dispatch helps you to create transparency in your digital transport processes and improve communication with your customers and, via the 4Drivers app, with your drivers too. This makes it easy to optimise your job management processes. It’s the perfect solution, especially for small transport companies.

Information always to hand

The driver app makes it possible to receive direct regular status information from the driver.

Digitalise transport jobs

No more working with paper. You can digitally manage your jobs quickly and easily.

Avoid dispatching errors

Avoid vehicle dispatching errors thanks to the clearly laid-out daily planner.

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Developed for small and medium-sized carriers and transport service providers, Dispatch (beta) provides all the essential features for route planning: Create transport jobs and plan their routing. Use the linked RIO 4Drivers app to provide up-to-the-minute information about the route while it’s being run.

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Real-time transport status overview

Before, you only knew that the goods were somewhere on their way to the customer, and could only give the customer more details after phoning the driver – provided your driver was in a position to answer. Dispatch gives you the transparency you’ve been missing! Digital dispatching means you know the current status of a transport job whenever a customer calls. A quick glance at the Fleet Monitor allows you to give details of whether the route has been started, or even already completed. Digitalised transport processes eliminate the need for lengthy, nerve-racking phone calls. That means more time for planning and dispatching, and less time spent on the phone.

Record and manage transport orders

Think logging and managing transport jobs is hard work? RIO has created a digital dispatching process that reproduces the methods of conventional handwritten tables and Gantt charts. To make it all easier to understand, we have designed our transport job logging system in the same way. Handle all your job management tasks with just a few clicks on the RIO platform. Set up your jobs digitally, taking into account all time constraints, and route each consignment individually, without having to tie it to a specific job. The routes you set up are then clearly laid out in a tile display, and you can send them directly to your driver once you’ve planned them. With Dispatch, you’ll benefit from fewer dispatching errors and quicker job processing.


Transmit jobs to drivers

It’s often difficult to reach a driver by phone on a route. It usually takes several attempts for the planned job to reach the driver, with all the necessary information. Optimise your job assignment using the RIO 4Drivers app. It will provide you with a quicker link to your drivers, enabling you to transmit transport jobs and all the related information to them automatically and directly once you have planned the route. The driver sees all the stops on the route, with the relevant addresses, in an easy-to-read display. Start sending your routes directly to your drivers via the 4Drivers app now, and keep up with the status of your transport jobs by receiving regular feedback. Be sure your consignment arrives at its destination safely and promptly!

MAN Driver App

The MAN Driver App ensures that drivers, fleet managers and workshops can stay connected When using the app, truck drivers always have the essentials at their fingertips: breakdown assistance, assistance with pre-departure checks, driving time manager, navigator and more.

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Your key vehicle information at a glance! The free basic Essentials service keeps you up to date about the latest locations of your fleet and gives you detailed information about vehicle performance, driving and stationary times and average fuel consumption.

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Telematics hardware for fleet management.
The RIO Box is the key to digitally transforming your fleet of vehicles.

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