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On the lookout for a data analysis system for your truck fleet? Essentials is the basic package that all of our customers start with as they venture into the digital world of telematics. Essentials is the gateway to the world of RIO and thus provides the basis for many other services and functions. It combines important basic elements from many of our services to get users started. Once your fleet vehicles have been set up in our administration area and are available to view, Essentials is good to go. This gives you access to our fleet monitor and deployment analysis with numerous useful functions such as the current vehicle location on a map, a journey history covering up to 10 days in the past and a vehicle-level deployment analysis function.

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Basic fleet management

The basic package will provide you with the most important functions of a basic fleet management system.

Up-to-date maps

Analyse important operational data using our up-to-date maps.

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Current vehicle location

As a materials requirement planner, you should be in a position to keep track of your fleet at all times. After all, you are responsible for ensuring that things run smoothly. In days gone by, this involved a lot of telephone calls and took a lot of time. With our fleet monitor, you can sit at your desk and keep an eye on the whereabouts of your fleet. Not only does the monitor allow you to check whether the journey started on schedule, but also whether the goods have arrived at your customer’s site on time. When a customer calls to inquire about the whereabouts of their goods, you can provide accurate information about the time of arrival thanks to the vehicle location update which takes place every 15 minutes. With Essentials, you will have everything under control and you will make a reliable impression with your customers!


Vehicle and driver identification

So now you know the current whereabouts of your fleet at all times, what about the driver and truck behind the vehicle production number? Well, thanks to the digital tachograph, it is now possible to know exactly which driver is driving which vehicle. It is not only good to know who is covering which journey, it is also essential when it comes to truck data analysis. The data displayed, such as the cruising range and the average fuel consumption, can now be attributed to individual vehicles. Why is that beneficial to you? The ability to identify vehicles easily allows you to analyse the consumption values and downtimes of your fleet and thus identify the optimisation potential and improve the cost-efficiency of the entire fleet.

10-day data history

The data from a single day is not, however, sufficient for a representative data evaluation. To save you the work of having to note down data over the course of consecutive days, your data is stored on our platform for up to 10 days. You can make use of the data history for the fleet monitor and the operations analysis to look back 10 days into the past and carry out a representative data analysis for your trucks – this is extremely easy and does require any additional work on your part. Our basic package for telematics also enables you to meet your obligation to provide your customers with proof retrospectively and without any issues.


Comparison of services

 EssentialsOne Minute LocatorGeo
Location of truck displayed in real time on a map or in a table view Every ...15 mins1 min15 mins
Travel history for ...10 days10 days25 months
Key vehicle and driver information in real time
Speed, mileage, fuel level, driver name, etc.
Map information
Address search, traffic conditions and congestion, roads with restricted access, current traffic situation
Past events in travel history
Change of driver, start and end of journey, border crossings etc.
Overview table showing all historic locations and events
Including data export (XLS, CSV)
Truck route planning
Support for standard truck sizes, support for custom dimensions, consideration of congestion, toll cost calculation
User and system-based points of interest (POIs) on map
Including user POI import
Circles and polygons
Position sharing
Sharing vehicle position data with customers




You need a RIO Box installed in the vehicle.


State-of-the-art end device

With an Internet connection and a new operating system.


Internet browser

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

The scope of the data shown differs for MAN vehicles and vehicles of other brands. Detailed information on available data can be found in the service description.


Telematics hardware for fleet management.
The RIO Box is the key to digitally transforming your fleet of vehicles.

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The MAN Driver App ensures that drivers, fleet managers and workshops can stay connected When using the app, truck drivers always have the essentials at their fingertips: breakdown assistance, assistance with pre-departure checks, driving time manager, navigator and more.

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