Digital maintenance management for your MAN fleet

You can ensure maximum uptime with digital maintenance management, preventive planning and smart bundling of maintenance appointments. With the support of MAN ServiceCare you and your MAN service outlet have an overview of the condition of your vehicles at all times. This means that maintenance appointments can be scheduled well in advance.

Your MAN service outlet will contact you if one of your vehicles requires maintenance and coordinate the workshop visit with you. MAN ServiceCare allows you to see upcoming maintenance appointments, any components to be maintained and damage reports at any time. This also greatly reduces the administrative expenses for fleet managers.

Increased vehicle uptime

Preventive maintenance planning and bundling of workshop visits helps you to increase vehicle uptime. 

Reducing total cost of ownership

If your fleet is maintained on schedule, unplanned repair costs are less likely to occur. Together with reduced administrative effort, this reduces the total cost of ownership.

Maximum transparency

To ensure that your scheduling remains reliable, you always have an overview of all maintenance appointments and components to be repaired.


What is MAN ServiceCare?

MAN ServiceCare is a service for proactive maintenance management, ensuring your vehicle always receives first-class maintenance thanks to preventive planning and smart bundling of upcoming maintenance appointments. This way, you benefit from maximum uptime, increased resale value and facilitated day-to-day business. How does MAN ServiceCare work? The service outlet selected by you proactively informs you of any maintenance requirements and coordinates a convenient appointment with you.

Your benefits with this service

Thanks to intelligent networking, the service outlet can monitor the condition of your vehicle and support you at any given time – no matter where your MAN vehicle is located. This not only saves administrative effort but also reduces unplanned downtime – for optimum availability of your vehicle. In addition, you can access information on the maintenance status, deadlines, components to be repaired and damage reports online at any time.

  • Maximum vehicle utilisation
  • Optimised and coordinated maintenance and repair appointments
  • Facilitated scheduling
  • Top maintained vehicles
  • Increased resale value
  • Free service
  • Quick and simple access to the maintenance status of your vehicles

MAN ServiceCare is currently only available in the following countries: Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden, Austria, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Luxembourg, Finland, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Slovenia

This service is available for MAN trucks, for buses from MAN and NEOPLAN, excluding the MAN TGE.




You need a RIO Box installed in the vehicle.


State-of-the-art end device

With an Internet connection and a new operating system.


Internet browser

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer 11.

MAN Driver App

The MAN Driver App ensures that drivers, fleet managers and workshops can stay connected When using the app, truck drivers always have the essentials at their fingertips: breakdown assistance, assistance with pre-departure checks, driving time manager, navigator and more.

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