Your mixed fleet on a single platform

Got other brands in your fleet besides MAN trucks? Many truck manufacturers offer their own systems, meaning you have to use several different telematics systems for your mixed fleets. That sounds complicated, and it is. You can quickly lose track of things when using several telematics systems. With the Mixed Fleet Bridge, you can now transfer all your vehicle data from various telematics systems to RIO. Even vehicles from other manufacturers are displayed on the fleet monitor. Getting an overview of your entire mixed fleet on the RIO platform is easy, and there is no need for hardware upgrades. Make your life easy with the Mixed Fleet Bridge.

Simple connection

In just a few steps all your telematics systems are connected to the RIO platform.

No retrofit

You don’t have to waste time with workshop visits and therefore neither accumulate further costs nor loose out on profits.


One comprehensive platform offers you the complete data overview for your mixed fleet.


Integration into other telematics systems

Between all the telematics systems it is easy to lose overview, even though they should simplify the daily routine of the logistics specialists. Previously, mixed fleets have posed the biggest problem, since quite a few telematics systems had to be used. With the Mixed Fleet Bridge you import your vehicles from other telematics solutions into RIO.

We currently support following telematics solutions:

  • Dynafleet
  • Scania FleetManagement Services
  • Transics
  • Fleetboard

Full functionality

But there is more to it than just the transfer of vehicle data from other telematics systems to the RIO platform. For all your vehicles of other brands, you also get the full functionality of the RIO Fleet Monitor. Trucks of other brands are displayed with the scope of Essentials. But it doesn’t have to stay that way: if required, you can easily add further RIO services for your vehicles as usual.


What do you need to do?

Contact your service provider

Talk to your service provider to find out about the potential costs and products required for the data transfer.

Read privacy policy

Here you can view the information on data privacy and guarantee.

Get in contact with us

Does everything look OK? Perfect, then just send us a request.



State-of-the-art end device

With an Internet connection and a new operating system.


Internet browser

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer 11.

MAN Driver App

The MAN Driver App ensures that drivers, fleet managers and workshops can stay connected When using the app, truck drivers always have the essentials at their fingertips: breakdown assistance, assistance with pre-departure checks, driving time manager, navigator and more.

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Your key vehicle information at a glance! The free basic Essentials service keeps you up to date about the latest locations of your fleet and gives you detailed information about vehicle performance, driving and stationary times and average fuel consumption.

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Telematics hardware for fleet management.
The RIO Box is the key to digitally transforming your fleet of vehicles.

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