The telematics hardware for simplified fleet management

The RIO Box opens up the possibility of digitising your fleet of vehicles.

The RIO Box acts as the interface between your vehicle and the RIO platform. It collates the transmitted vehicle data in an intelligent manner and makes it available to you in the form of user-friendly digital services. The RIO Box therefore enables you to manage your entire fleet with even greater efficiency, regardless of the vehicle brands that your fleet consists of. Once you have registered your vehicles, you will receive the Essentials package to go with your RIO Box and you will have the option of booking additional digital services via the marketplace.

Installed as standard in all MAN trucks

The RIO Box is installed in all MAN trucks as standard. This allows you to benefit immediately from the digital services on the RIO platform.

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The RIO Box is not brand-specific

The RIO box can be retrofitted quickly and easily to vehicles from any manufacturer. This means you can keep your entire fleet in check at all times.

Free telematics services

If a RIO Box has been installed in the vehicle, you will have free and immediate access to the Essentials basic service. Additional services are easy to order via the RIO Marketplace, without the commitment of a contract term.


What is the RIO Box

The RIO Box is a powerful vehicle control unit that is the same size as a DIN slot. Once it is installed, there is no additional hardware to think about.

The RIO Box then maintains the connection between your vehicle and the RIO platform. In this way, data is either collected by the CAN bus or the FMS interface of your vehicle and transmitted to the platform. For example, fuel consumption statistics, maintenance information and the current location of the vehicle can be transmitted to the RIO platform via the mobile network (2G, 3G, 4G).

Maintenance is a key topic, as it is with every commercial vehicle component. This is not something you have to worry about, though. We will ensure that your RIO Box is equipped with the latest software at all times. A wireless interface is used to perform updates “over the air”.

Serial availability

For trucks

Available as standard in all Euro 6c MAN trucks since 01/01/2018 with the exception of the TGL, TGM and TGS chassis (available to order)

For buses

Available as standard on all MAN buses since 01/10/2019 with the exception of MAN bus chassis.

Retrofitting the RIO Box

Our RIO Box is not brand-specific! As such, our telematics hardware can be retrofitted to any brand of truck, not just MAN vehicles. The RIO Box can be retrofitted by one of the numerous MAN service outlets. Irrespective of the truck brand.

However, the truck must meet a couple of technical preconditions before the RIO Box is able to capture vehicle data seamlessly. The RIO team will be happy to assess this for you. The FMS interface is the only thing we need your assistance with. This needs to be activated by your truck manufacturer.

If you have any further questions about the retrofitting process, please contact the RIO After Sales team, which has been set up specifically to assist with the installation of the RIO Box. We would be delighted to provide you with detailed information.


Getting started

Get in touch

Our After Sales Team will receive your enquiry.

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Questions answered

We will ask you a couple of questions about the technical specification of your vehicles.

Fit the RIO Box

We will then fit your vehicles with the RIO Box in collaboration with a certified MAN service outlet.


Your key vehicle information at a glance! The free basic Essentials service keeps you up to date about the latest locations of your fleet and gives you detailed information about vehicle performance, driving and stationary times and average fuel consumption.

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