RIO Maintenance

Reliability and punctuality are the most valuable criteria that a customer can have when they are cooperating with a logistics partner. With this in mind, try to avoid unnecessary vehicle breakdowns and spontaneous visits to the workshop by ensuring that you keep track of the maintenance status of your fleet. RIO Maintenance provides you with a clear breakdown of all the maintenance and status data pertaining to the fleet. As such, you will have a clear picture of the condition of all of your vehicles. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on your core business and organise your fleet more efficiently.

Less downtime

Avoid unscheduled workshop appointments and downtime.

Your fleet in top condition

If your fleet is in top condition, it is not only you who benefits from it, but other road users as well.

From your desk

Check the current maintenance status of your vehicles whenever you want, wherever you want, and in real time.


Daily transmission

With a certain number of vehicles in the fleet, it is easy to lose track of when each vehicle is due to come into the workshop. If you forget to carry out the regular service checks, then you can expect to be faced with unplanned downtime. RIO Maintenance sends you the current status of all of your vehicles on a daily basis, with information ranging from maintenance components to fill levels and much more. This data is displayed in a clearly-arranged manner on the RIO platform. In this way, you can remain in full control of everything, avoid unnecessary breakdowns and downtimes, and cut costs. The extent of the data shown differs between MAN vehicles and vehicles from other manufacturers because MAN vehicles provide more information on account of the fact they are connected to the CAN bus.

Customised extensions

The elements of our maintenance service are individually extensible. You have the option of creating your own customer-specific maintenance components, e.g. maintenance of superstructures including their due dates, to go with the components that already exist. This allows you to consider all factors and plan workshop appointments for times when the fleet is underutilised.


Local data storage

You can access the data at any time and from anywhere on the platform. If necessary, you can also export the files and save them locally on the computer in the CSV file format.

How you benefit

The extent of the data shown differs between MAN vehicles and vehicles from other manufacturers because MAN vehicles provide more information on account of the fact they are connected to the CAN bus. The maintenance and status data is transmitted and saved once a day. As a customer, you also have the option of creating and scheduling your own maintenance components, e.g. servicing of superstructures.

The RIO Maintenance service contains the diagnostics application.

  • Check the current maintenance status – at any time, from anywhere, and in real time
  • No unplanned workshop appointments or downtime
  • Your entire fleet is guaranteed to be in top condition
  • Plan workshop appointments for times when the fleet is underutilised
  • Vehicles ready to be deployed for customer orders




You need a RIO Box installed in the vehicle.


State-of-the-art end device

With an Internet connection and a new operating system.


Internet browser

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer 11.

The scope of the data shown differs for MAN vehicles and vehicles of other brands. Detailed information on available data can be found in the service description.

MAN Driver App

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