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More safety on German roads


Although the new catalog of fines has been a long time coming, it was passed by the Bundesrat (upper house of the German parliament) after being revised again on October 8 and came into force on November 9. After the 54th amendment to the Road Traffic Regulations had already become law in April 2020, the catalog of fines had to be withdrawn from circulation as early as July 2020 due to a formal error. We briefly summarize here which changes result from the now complete StVO amendment for road traffic participants.

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SME Financing: Significant Increase in "Digital Now


Anyone who has been hesitant to make their small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) even more digital will receive a new boost from the state in Germany. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is significantly expanding the budget for its investment grant programme "Digital Now". Together with you, we look at the details announced from Berlin in the middle of the year and, above all, the sums mentioned.

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Load theft: Don't be without protection


High-value goods transports by truck are attractive targets for criminals. Not every theft can be prevented. But if you know the criminals' tricks, you can fend them off better. We give you an overview of the dangers that exist and how they can be countered.

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Truck hinterland traffic: delays at ports at record levels


A variety of factors are currently exerting a negative influence on ship handling in the seaports. This subsequently also affects the onward transport of goods by road. Find out here what effects this has and how they can be countered.

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Cybercrime – the danger of an increasingly connected world


Logistics has come into particular focus during the COVID-19 crisis period. Cyber criminals have become aware of this central position of the industry. The increasing number of cyber attacks, also against small and medium-sized enterprises, underlines this. We discuss here which dangers exist and how companies can protect themselves.

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Rolling Highway


Shortly after the beginning of spring, ROLA, the Rolling Highway, started with more departures on the Brenner Passage. Since April 6, train pairs have been running almost daily between Wörgl in Austria and Trento in Italy. This represents a doubling of the previous offer. We take a look at the resource-saving solution for freight transport through the Alps.

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Digital waybill: Quicker, cheaper and paper-free


One way of achieving seamless documentation of transport is a digital waybill. We would like to provide you with an overview of the current state of affairs. We will also illustrate the benefits that this innovative concept entails and how small customers can also make use of it.

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Transporting vaccines temperature-controlled


Temperature-controlled pharmaceutical transportation has been a common talking point since the first coronavirus vaccine was developed. We have taken a look at this topic from a logistical perspective for you, and provided information on the legal background.

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Top 5 changes to be aware of in 2021


The coronavirus pandemic and Brexit negotiations were the biggest issues affecting the transport of goods by road in 2020. However, looking beyond the developments in these areas, there was also a large amount of activity in politics and administration. In this overview, we aim to make you aware of five relevant changes that will be important from 2021.

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Financial support for the digitisation of SMEs


With the IT investment programme "Digital Now", the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has been supporting small and medium-sized enterprises since this year. Among other things, the purchase and leasing of hardware and software are funded. We present everything worth knowing for the new application round in 2021.

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It all comes down to a clever mixture


No single mode of transport can do everything. Yet together, they can achieve a lot. The same applies to the ambitious goals of the European Green Deal to lower greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this, intelligent linking of modes is indispensable. Just as is the integration of the most state-of-the-art IT solutions.

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Competition or coopetition?


That is the question. Should logistics companies continue competing against each other, or is there a form of collaboration between two companies that helps both sides? In this article we have outlined the concept of “coopetition” for you and provided some helpful tips on how to get started with it.

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