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New regulations in transportation


New year – new regulations. Right in time for the start of the new year, new sector-based driving bans have made trip planning difficult for freight forwarders. We have summarised the most important details.

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Digital tachograph with no stop and go


The smart tachograph has arrived and constitutes the latest generation of digital tachographs. Thanks to its high-tech specifications and use of satellite navigation, reading out data from the modern-day tachograph has become even easier. This is good news for fleet operators, because with the right behaviour there are fewer checks.

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Critical lack of drivers


The equation is extremely simple: without the required drivers, it won’t be possible to transport goods in the future. We’ll show you some potential solutions to avoiding this crisis.

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Green logistics – worth the investment


Sustainability is important – on that at least everyone agrees. But how do you make logistics “greener”? And who should bear the costs? Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 15 percent, as stipulated by the EU, won’t be easy. However, the possibilities and potential of doing so are vastly underestimated, not just for the environment, but for the sector as well.

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Self-driving trucks. Autonomous trucks are here.


Self-driving trucks are the future. While at present still described as an experiment or dismissed as nonsense, from 2021, self-driving vehicles will likely be a reality on German roads. Other countries though are already streets ahead. Read more about the latest stage of development here.

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