RIO CEO: “We connect the entire supply chain” – first logistics services at the International Supply Chain Conference

  • RIO TMS Plug and RIO View – first logistics services available
  • Even more expertise in one place – new partners on the Marketplace
  • RIO whitepaper – data sharing on platforms provides measurable benefits

At the 35th International Supply Chain Conference from 17 to 19 October 2018 in Berlin, RIO is showcasing new services and partners at booth P11/Potsdam II. For the first time, RIO is also offering logistics services in addition to vehicle-related services, thereby tapping into new customer segments.

With its digital services, RIO, the open and cloud-based digital brand of the TRATON GROUP, is aimed at all players in the transport and logistics ecosystem. “RIO is unique in its set-up,” says Jan Kaumanns, CEO of RIO. “With our open partnership-based approach and our growing range of logistics services, we have set ourselves apart from standard telematics providers. RIO provides more – and at the International Supply Chain Conference, we will be demonstrating how we are linking the entire logistics supply chain with our current services and those planned for the future.”

Pooled logistics power: new RIO services

The new RIO TMS Plug service closes the gap between trip planing and transportation overland. Drivers, freight payers and forwarders can exchange information between drivers and external planning systems quickly and easily, thus enabling real-time interaction. Product owner Susanne Simon explains the principle: “Customers can connect RIO TMS Plug to their own company’s TMS via a data interface. They can then obtain the vehicle position and exchange trips and forms with the driver. Simple Track & Trace is also possible.” RIO and its partner InfPro are currently co-developing an “all-in-one” solution with their TMS translogica for RIO and InfPro customer PETSCHL-Transporte. The goal is initial digitalisation of trip information and networking with the driver. The TMS translogica enables direct scheduling on the map and optimises the customer’s operational processes thanks to intelligent workflow management. RIO TMS Plug can also integrate the PTV Truck Navigator into the RIO ecosystem as a navigation solution. When it comes to route calculation, truck attributes, alternative routes, special prohibitions, bridge heights, hazardous goods restrictions, weight restrictions and truck parking spaces are taken into account, for example.

The new service RIO View also aims to link players in the transport and logistics ecosystem such as suppliers, freight payers, customers and service providers – and thereby facilitate end-to-end transparency across the entire logistics chain. RIO View helps logistics service providers (3PL/4PL) or the freight payer’s central logistics department to manage transportation by linking the goods and the assets. Customers can already generate shipping requests, and create, manage and track trips and freight orders. The service will soon feature transport cost management as well as an events and alarm function, boosting transparency and helping freight payers cut costs.

The best in the industry: new partner services

RIO is open and is now also offering new partner solutions on the Marketplace. The principle is as follows: partners who are experts in their area join forces with RIO and are available to everyone on the Marketplace. Alongside RIO’s own services, customers can book services from an ever-increasing pool of new partners on the Marketplace. For example, RIO together with partner idem telematics are offering the service “idem Trailer Connector”, so that customers within the RIO Connectivity Environment can network not just their vehicles but, for the first time, also their trailers. Three more partner services are available for RIO customers on the Marketplace in the form of MAN Card, as well as the two services VDO TIS-Web® and TX-SOCIAL from WABCO for tachograph and driver card data.

Whitepaper: Cooperation and data sharing within logistics

Digital Logistics Hub Hamburg has written a whitepaper for RIO called “Teilen und Profitieren – Wie Kooperation und Data Sharing die Logistik besser machen” (Sharing and benefiting – how cooperation and data sharing improve logistics). The paper makes it clear that data sharing on platforms provides measurable benefits, for example, higher capacity utilisation and lower costs. The more complex the logistical service, the larger the positive effect on the company’s financial and practical resources. In future, customers will choose the logistics service provider that offers a large number of services from a single source or can establish the best data connection to their own interfaces. Blockchain will also become increasingly significant. In the future, blockchain technology will be able to expand the functions of platforms in a way that is quickly profitable – when it comes to structuring processes more efficiently and cost-effectively, building trust or implementing completely new business ideas for the logistics industry.

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