• New Marketplace service: Connect from LOSTnFOUND
  • Transparent tracking of vehicles, containers or load carriers –completely without the RIO Box
  • Vehicle data from mixed fleets can be easily integrated on the RIO platform

Munich, 4 November 2020.RIO has made an exciting new addition to its portfolio this autumn: the tracking solution from LOSTnFOUND has been available on RIO Marketplace since October. The Connect service can be used for every brand of truck and other assets without retrofitting the RIO Box. This enables mixed fleet operators to consolidate and evaluate all their positioning data on the RIO platform –for more transparency and more efficient fleet management.

“The RIO family keeps on growing,” notes Jan Kaumanns, CEO of the TRATON GROUP’s digital brand, as the year begins to draws to a close. “ Connect from LOSTnFOUND will make it even easier for our customers to connect vehicles of different brands –and we are not limited to only trucks.” In addition to the networking of trucks from different brands, Connect also enables containers, load carriers, construction vehicles, etc. to be integrated. For Kaumanns, this is further proof, “that RIO is now also a logistics platform for the Internet of Things.”

How does it work? Customers of LOSTnFOUND use their cost-efficient® ARCUSlight location device for detailed positioning data. The joint Connect service integrates this data in the RIO platform and offers the user various functions in the fleet monitor: users can add assets to their fleet and see their location in the fleet monitor on the RIO platform in 15-minute intervals. The ten-day trip history allows vehicle locations and the route covered to be viewed. Existing and other LOSTnFOUND hardware already in use can also be connected within the fleet monitor on the RIO platform.


LOSTnFOUND as an experienced partner
“Thanks to our expertise in networking vehicles gained over a decade, our tracking solutions represent a valuable digital tool for efficient fleet management,” says Daniel Thommen, CEO and President at LOSTnFOUND, explaining the significance of the company, founded in 2009, and its solutions. “In the partnership with RIO, we set ourselves the goal of completely integrating (other) vehicles in the RIO platform within ten minutes! We’re proud to say that we succeeded thanks to the excellent IT infrastructure on both sides.”

The joint Connect service offers a further additional benefit for LOSTnFOUND customers: thanks to the existing programming interfaces, the positioning data on the RIO platform can also be passed on to partner services enabling, for example, the potential for route and order planning to be optimised.

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New Partner LOSTnFOUND

Since October the tracking solution by LOSTnFOUND is part of the RIO Marketplace offer.

© RIO | TB Digital Services GmbH

Data integration in the fleet monitor

On the RIO platform, users see the vehicle position and a ten-day journey history in the fleet monitor.

© RIO | TB Digital Services GmbH

Hardware® ARCUSlight

The tracking device® ARCUSlight sends detailed position data which is then integrated into the RIO platform.



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