• Custom hardware for trailer telematics: RIO 4Trailer
  • New partners: LIS and Soloplan available in the RIO Marketplace
  • Cooperation with Volkswagen Group Logistics: first joint tests



Munich, 23 October 2019. RIO is growing and forging ahead with digitalisation in the truck transport business. Every month, the company attracts 25 per cent new customers. At the German Logistics Congress in Berlin, RIO is launching new solutions for more transparent and efficient fleet management. The TRATON GROUP digital brand will present RIO 4Trailer hardware for trailer monitoring. Two new TMS partners, Soloplan and LIS, will also come on board to streamline scheduling processes. At the same time, the company is working to rapidly expand cooperation with Volkswagen Group Logistics and to enter the world of dispatchers. Initial tests already underway.

"Not only the drivers and tractors, but also the trailers are subject to particular scrutiny in the closely timed transport business to ensure reliable trip planning. We have taken this insight into account with the in-house development RIO 4Trailer," says Jan Kaumanns, CEO of RIO.

What is known as the beacon, a Bluetooth transmitter, sends data to the RIO box. The box can then use an intelligent algorithm to determine information such as location and coupling status. The data enables the precise status of the trailer to be analysed and has proven to save the first test customers two to three hours of work per week. RIO 4Trailer will also make the causes of damage to the trailed unit more transparent over time. "The RIO box, access to the RIO platform and one beacon per semitrailer are enough to achieve a whole new level of control within fleet management," says Jan Kaumanns. "Having our own service for trailed units is the first key step. In the future we want to offer solutions for all assets." The beacon is available in the RIO hardware shop and can be easily attached to the semitrailer to be monitored.

For RIO customers who have already invested in trailer telematics, the company’s internal start-up provides the interfaces to its partners. The aim here is also to collect all relevant information for smooth planning of fleet deployment on a single platform. Through the telematics services RIO 4TX-TRAILERPULSE, which grew out of the cooperation with WABCO, and RIO 4idem, which is offered together with idem telematics, users can always keep an eye on the status of the respective semitrailers.


Improve online dispatch with LIS and Soloplan

"Not exceeding the existing driver and transport capacities is essential for professional dispatch. Digital transport management systems are significantly improving the level in this area," said Martin Anke, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for RIO. By integrating CarLo from Soloplan and WinSped from LIS, RIO broadened its product range for this segment in the run-up to the Logistics Congress. "One of our core goals in efforts to expand our services for customers is to bundle partners recognised in the market and their digital products on the RIO Marketplace," says Martin Anke. "With the two new partners and their many years of experience in the development of sophisticated transport management systems, we have succeeded in creating significant added value for the dispatchers among the RIO users."


RIO as an integration platform for Volkswagen Group Logistics

At RIO, the planned cooperation with Volkswagen Group Logistics is gaining momentum. Volkswagen Group Logistics GmbH & Co. OHG is one of the logistics companies in Germany with the highest turnover. In Europe alone, it coordinates a daily average of 18,000 truck transports in an extensive network of suppliers, production sites, sales markets and dealers. RIO aims to support dispatchers in digitalising their processes, thereby facilitating more efficiency. The collaboration aims to make significant savings with more transparent and efficient processes. The two partners announced this initiative at the beginning of the month during the TRATION GROUP Innovation Day.

The first joint tests with the new product RIO Dispatch are now underway. RIO Dispatch will also enable smaller transport companies without their own IT infrastructure to gain access to the digital world. "Volkswagen Group Logistics, which cooperates with more than 150 forwarding agencies, provides an ideal operating environment in this area. In contrast to an expensive system connection, RIO, which is an integration platform, for example, makes it easier to manage the transmission of transport orders to freight carriers," says Jan Kaumanns. "This will enable us to live up to our claim to democratise digitisation in this project. For example, we fulfil the IT requirements of the Volkswagen Group Logistics, and the transport companies use RIO as a service provider for data exchange.”

In addition to the connection to RIO Dispatch, RIO will develop further services for Volkswagen Group Logistics, which will make the supply of parts at sites of the Volkswagen Group (inbound logistics) and the delivery of fully assembled vehicles (outbound logistics) more efficient. "We are proud to be contributing our digital competence to a partnership with such an important player on the market and are looking forward to the collaboration," says Jan Kaumanns.

Martin Fischer

Senior Marketing Manager

Phone: +49 151 148 377 64
E-Mail: media@rio.cloud


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