RIO, the digital brand of the TRATON GROUP, and WABCO are delighted to announce their collaboration across ecosystems. This will enable their customers to get the best from the expertise of both companies. The goal is to combine the knowledge and established services of both brands, thereby providing unique services which would not be possible on their own.


WABCO’s experience in trailer telematics and trailer electronics systems, combined with the RIO Connectivity Environment, provides the opportunity to develop unique, brand-independent digital services. Customer benefits include greater efficiency due to more transparency for the entire fleet.

The customer will profit from a turnkey “connect your trailer” solution: the new telematics solution TX-TRAILERPULSE Telematics from WABCO, which is being showcased at the IAA. WABCO and RIO intend to offer this new integrated trailer solution from the start of 2019. Customers can look forward to improved business performance thanks to real-time transparency: location of the trailer, state of the trailer coupling, brakes, lighting and road worthiness of the tyres.

“We are proud of the partnership with RIO and are looking forward to an exciting new collaboration, the first integration of the advanced FMS solutions from WABCO into an open cloud-based logistics portal for the transportation industry. This is an important milestone, which leverages our individual digital strengths, resulting in greater efficiency in the European transport logistics market,” says Nick Rens, WABCO President, Aftermarket, Digital Customer Services, Trailer and Off Highway Division. “Customers will increasingly integrate the latest digital tools in order to increase their operational efficiency. This innovative, strategic partnership will contribute to the fleets becoming more competitive in an increasingly digital world.”

The connectivity that is possible between the digital platforms will also break down technical barriers, enabling a complementary service portfolio and sales channels for both brands. The first integration of WABCO services into the RIO ecosystem has already started – TX SOCIAL is now available for selected RIO customers. “We serve customers who want an all-in-one solution. This enables them to work even more efficiently with a selection of tools – all of which can be ordered on the Marketplace,” says Jan Kaumanns, CEO of RIO. “In order to achieve this, we are always looking for the best partners. WABCO’s experience in truck and trailer telematics, combined with the RIO Connectivity Environment, will provide a powerful, brand-independent digital service for fleets. We look forward to great success in our new partnership.”

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