One platform for the whole world of logistics: RIO to be available to all with first services from December onwards

Selected customers have already been able to test the RIO Platform and its services; RIO Connectivity will then be accessible to all interested parties in Europe from the beginning of December 2017 onwards. This will mark a milestone for the transport ecosystem of the future. Visitors to the German Logistics Congress in Berlin on 25-27 October 2017 will be able to learn more about what the digital RIO Platform has to offer the specific benefits its provides at the RIO booth (P11).  

The RIO Box has been installed as standard in all new (Euro 6C standard) MAN truck series in Europe since August 2017. It will be possible to retrofit the RIO Box to all the types of trucks with an FMS interface from the beginning of next year onwards.

All customers that register on the RIO Platform will receive the RIO Essentials service at no extra charge on the official start date for the RIO services at the beginning of December. The functions available in RIO Essentials include a fleet monitor to display the current position of vehicles at 15-minute intervals and further information about the vehicle, such as its mileage reading, fuel tank level, and the driver ID. RIO Essentials also contains a performance analytics system that evaluates and supplies data at the vehicle level. The RIO Marketplace will also provide RIO services that are available to order in the future. These include RIO Geo (shorter intervals to pinpoint locations and additional functions on the fleet monitor), RIO Connect (a message service between the scheduling department and the driver), RIO Order (trip planning), RIO Compliant (driver cards and mass storage DTCO downloads), and RIO Maintenance for maintenance data. By networking the individual services and applications, it is possible to create a more transparent and reliable supply chain.

“The pilot operations with our customers in Germany, France, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Poland are very promising. The feedback that we’re receiving from the logistics sector shows that we’re meeting customer needs in our development work for the RIO Platform and have adopted the right course,” says Markus Lipinsky, CEO of RIO. “Our applications will rapidly be expanded in our flexible process and further developed together with our users and partners. As a result, we’ll be able to change the European transportation industry together in the long term.”

The RIO services have been tested by 100 vehicles in five different countries since August 2017. The software is being assessed in mixed fleets, as RIO is compatible with all systems and manufacturers. The RIO services are being reviewed to see whether they work properly and are user-friendly in this customer testing, with the testers’ experiences being logged. In the future, the system will not only feature services developed by RIO itself, but also applications belonging to partners in the RIO Marketplace. The RIO Platform will be available in German and English on the start date in December. Ten languages will then be available from January 2018 onwards: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Czech, Danish, and Dutch.

“As users of RIO services, we expect to be able to introduce our own ideas and concepts from our practical experience in the ongoing development of the system. We believe that we’ll right be at the forefront of things in future as a result. As customers, we always want to have the latest options available,” says Michael Weinmann, Managing Director of Weinmann Spedition & Logistik GmbH. In terms the test operations, he adds, “Our first impressions are thoroughly positive. The quality of the maps surprised us, for example. Involving customers is the right approach – and if RIO continues along the same pathway, the product will be highly beneficial. We have no doubts about that at Weinmann.”

RIO has already received the 2017 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award for its innovative concept. “RIO will raise the digital value chain to a new level,” says Frank Leveque, a partner and Head of the Automobile & Transport Division in Europe at Frost & Sullivan. “RIO is setting new standards for connecting the transport and logistics ecosystem of the future with its platform and services.”

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