The launch of the connected fleet: RIO ESSENTIALS now available

RIO is continually forging ahead to become the transport ecosystem of the future. Any customer registered on the RIO platform can now use the first service, RIO Essentials, free of charge. This system displays the individual vehicle positions on a fleet monitor and updates the information every 15 minutes. On top of that, it enables users to access further information such as the identity of the driver, the mileage, or how much fuel is in the tank for every vehicle that is logged into the system. At the same time, RIO Essentials contains an extensive performance analytics tool that evaluates large amounts of data at a vehicle level and then makes this available to the fleet operator – along with specific recommendations for action. The range of other services provided by the platform – including OEM-specific applications and partner solutions – will continually grow over time.

“By launching the RIO system, we’ve laid the foundation to fulfil our vision of creating a completely connected transport and supply chain. Even the first RIO Essentials service makes it easier for our customers to manage their vehicles and, in turn, their daily business,” said Markus Lipinsky, CEO of RIO. “As we’ll be adding new services and upgrades to the RIO Platform on a weekly basis, we’re preparing the way so that our customers can make even greater use of the digital opportunities within the logistics sector, even if they have mixed fleets.” Since August, MAN has already been offering its customers these benefits in every new truck that leaves its factories in Europe.

The range of functions in RIO Essentials is available as a standard feature within a RIO Box for all the series of trucks made by MAN. More than that, every RIO customer can make use of these functions, regardless of which system they use or who manufactured the vehicles. It will be possible to retrofit the RIO Box in any type of truck with an FMS interface from January 2018 onwards. This means that companies can particularly manage mixed fleets with new levels of efficiency. Transport operations and traffic will become more fluid through digitalisation and the ability to connect the vehicles with each other, simplifying the work of freight forwarders and carriers. In the future, user-specific information and precise recommendations for action will be accessible via the RIO Platform with just a few clicks.

Customers obtain explanations of the way that the services offered in RIO operate in attractive video tutorials. This makes it even easier to use the platform. Registered customers not only obtain additional information in the form of a newsletter, but also a link that takes them to the digital platform’s home screen. Alongside the RIO Essentials basic service, the RIO Marketplace will be available there with additional services available to order from the beginning of next year. Firms will be able to contact a hotline to resolve any issues that have not been settled.

“Sustainable fleet optimisation and improvements in services will be child’s play with the cloud-based solution that’s been developed by RIO,” said Michael Küffner, who is responsible for the development of RIO Essentials. “Our flexible approach also allows the system to precisely respond to individual customers’ needs and it can be modified to this effect at any time. We’re pursuing an open and transparent development process in which each company can play an active role.”

Initially, the RIO platform will be available to all customers in English and German. Ten languages will be offered in the future: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Czech, Danish, and Dutch.

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