New services for tomorrow’s world of logistics: RIO Marketplace goes live

RIO is continuing to grow all the time: The Marketplace is now the new home for all the services on the RIO Platform. This is where you can find and order RIO’s own services at the moment – and will be able to locate services provided by MAN DigitalServices and partners in future. The launch of the Marketplace coincides with the availability of the two new services known as RIO Maintenance and RIO Compliant. These innovative elements help RIO support its customers in connecting and managing their complete fleets. All the customers registered on the RIO Platform will be able to use the new features at the Marketplace free of charge until the end of January.    

“This is the core element of the RIO Platform. This is where all the available services will be displayed in a clear manner on one digital market place,” says Markus Lipinsky, CEO of RIO. “Customers can easily obtain information about the current range of services online, find those that are relevant to them and order them with just a few clicks.” The Marketplace will continue to grow too: it will not only be the home base for other RIO services in future, but also OEM-specific applications – for example, what will be provided by MAN DigitalServices – and partner solutions.

Fleet management with RIO services

In addition to RIO Essentials, customers can access two other services on the RIO Marketplace, as well: RIO Maintenance and RIO Compliant.

RIO Maintenance is a separately purchased service (€0.22 per day/vehicle) that provides a clear presentation of maintenance and status data for the complete fleet. The workshop monitor, for example, displays the filling levels, the state of the brake linings, and the tyre pressures – with individually configurable maintenance components and due dates. Customers can also make use of a workshop administration tool as part of RIO Maintenance, which organises manual servicing tasks.

RIO Compliant is another paid service (€0.29 per day/vehicle) which customers can use to manage their tachograph and driver card data from the comfort of their office desk. Files from the tachographs and driver cards are automatically downloaded when the vehicle’s engine starts up – the tachograph data every week and the driver card data every day. The files are archived on the RIO Cloud.

Customers will be able to test both RIO Maintenance and RIO Compliant free of charge until the end of the month.

Customers that have registered their vehicles on the RIO Platform have already been able to use RIO Essentials as the basic package without any extra charge since December 2017. This displays the positions of each vehicle on a fleet monitor every 15 minutes and provides further information such as the identification of the driver, the mileage data, or how much fuel is left in the tank. RIO Essentials also includes an extensive performance analytics tool – this evaluates large amounts of data at a vehicle level and makes this available to the fleet operator in the form of recommendations for action.

The range of functions available in RIO services can be used by each RIO customer, regardless of which system or manufacturer they use. This means that RIO makes everyday business operations much easier, particularly for customers with fleets consisting of vehicles from several manufacturers.

Updates to the logistics ecosystem

“We’re already working hard on updates to our RIO services,” says Hartmut Feuchtmüller, Vice President for Digital Products & Innovation. “We’ll be able to offer valuable additions to the current portfolio at the Marketplace during the next few weeks. RIO Advance will enable customers to store user data for longer periods – as an extension to RIO Essentials – and will support shorter intervals when analysing the performance of the vehicles. The mobile notifications service, RIO Push, will ensure simplified communications between the materials planning department and drivers. Order management will become child’s play with RIO Order: customers will be able to plan their trips more easily and assign them directly to drivers.” RIO’s stated aim is to make the working lives of freight forwarding companies, schedulers and drivers much easier, achieve gains in efficiency, and make flows of traffic smoother – all as a result of digitalising the logistics chain.

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