RIO and WABCO collaborate to boost the efficiency in the road logistics market with their connected vehicles’ and trailers’ services for mixed-fleet customers

RIO, the digital brand of TRATON GROUP, and WABCO are pleased to announce their collaboration across ecosystems. This will enable their customers to capitalize on the best of both global leaders’ area of expertise. The purpose: to combine knowledge and best of breed services from both brands to make unique services available that wouldn’t be possible standalone.

WABCO’s experience in trailer telematics and trailer electronic systems combined with RIO’s connectivity environment offer the opportunity to create unique brand agnostic digital services. Customers benefit by realizing efficiency gains through increased transparency for the entire fleet.

The customer will profit from a turnkey “connect your trailer” solution utilising WABCO’s new TX-TRAILERPULSE Telematics solution premiered at the IAA. WABCO and RIO aim to provide this new integrated trailer solution in early 2019. Customers can look forward to improved business performance through real time transparency on: trailer position, trailer coupling state, brakes, lights and tyres roadworthiness.

“We are proud to partner with RIO and look forward to an exciting new collaboration, the first ever integration of WABCO’s advanced FMS solutions into an open cloud-based logistics portal serving the transport industry. This is a major milestone which harnesses the power of our respective digital capabilities and will serve to drive differentiating efficiency for the European transport logistics market,” said Nick Rens, WABCO President, Aftermarket, Digital Customer Services, Trailer and Off Highway Division. “Fleets are increasingly looking to better integrate and simplify the latest digital tools to drive greater operational efficiency. This innovative strategic partnership will help empower fleets to be more competitive in an increasingly digital world.”

Enabling connectivity between their respective digital platforms will also lower the technical barriers and enable a complimentary digital service portfolio and sales channels for both brands. The first integration of WABCO services into the RIO ecosystem has already started – TX SOCIAL is now available for selected RIO customers. “We are serving customers who are steadily demanding an all-in-one solution to enable them to operate efficiently with the support of a selected number of tools - all bookable in the self-service Marketplace”, says Jan Kaumanns, RIO’s CEO. “To achieve that, we are always on the lookout for the ‘Best of breed’ partners. WABCO’s experience in truck and trailer telematics combined with RIO’s advanced connectivity environment will deliver a powerful brand agnostic digital service to fleets and have a direct impact on their overall efficiency. We look forward to many successes in our newly formed partnership”.

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