• New Timed service: Driving time monitoring in real time
  • Pocket Fleet app: Fleet management on the move
  • API First: Interface for easy partner connection
  • RIO 4TMS: Better connectivity for planning systems

Munich, 4 June 2019. The RIO ecosystem is growing. At the world’s leading trade fair “transport logistic” in Munich, RIO will be presenting new services, new partners, and the RIO pocket universe. From 4 to 7 June 2019, at stand 303/404 in hall A5, the TRATON GROUP’s digital brand will be demonstrating that it is working on solutions tailored to all the players in the supply chain - from self-employed drivers to industry giants. In doing so, RIO is bringing well-known partners to the platform with new interfaces.

The “add some perspective” motto is our way of making clear that we have understood our customers’ needs. Our vision is to provide services for everyone involved in transport logistics. The solutions we deliver are not restricted to individual use cases and customer groups. “RIO sees the whole picture – bit by bit, we are connecting the right partners and data, adding value for our customers,” explains Jan Kaumanns, CEO of RIO. The company no longer just offers vehicle-related services on its platform, but regards logistics as an all-embracing process intended to benefit all the players in a transport chain based on tailor-made services. “That approach is enabling us to acquire new customer groups. Our market is growing steadily, with new partners and offerings, and we are becoming even more flexible through new interfaces and mobile applications,” Kaumanns says, highlighting the service focus of the digital brand.

Customers’ wishes driving development: New products Timed, Pocket Fleet, RIO Dispatch
With the new Timed service, RIO is bridging the gap between the driving and rest period regulations and the shift times of a driver. An easy-to-understand table shows their activities almost in real time, making it possible to dispatch drivers more effectively, and plan trips and assignments more efficiently. Timed helps to prevent expensive driving time violations. “We are increasingly gaining speed and, with Timed, have been able to meet customer requirements in the shortest amount of time,” says Martin Anke, Head of Sales and Marketing. “It was developed in close partnership with customers. We made their experiences the drive of our development.” Materials requirement planners in particular will benefit from the service if they want to see a driver’s availability for an order that was received at short notice.

The Pocket Fleet app delivers basic information for mobile and efficient fleet management in a pocket-sized format. Fleet managers or dispatchers no longer have to sit at their workstations to keep an eye on their fleet and make quick decisions. The Pocket Fleet app gives users an insight into business operations in the form of tables and maps on their smartphones – anywhere, any time. Fleet managers receive mobile notifications about irregularities, and are therefore able to manage their fleet more efficiently. The frequency of information transfer from the RIO platform to a user’s smartphone depends on the services they’ve ordered on the platform. The free RIO Essentials service provides location and deployment data. RIO Geo sends vehicle positions in real time. As soon as a user orders Timed, the app also shows the drivers’ activities. The app itself is free of charge.

RIO supports small fleets on their way to implementing digital logistics. Small businesses without their own transport management system will soon be able to plan trucks and assets more easily with the RIO Dispatch service, as well as get a transport status overview on their fleet monitor. Especially for those customers that are still paper-based, this will provide a more transparent and efficient method of planning. “This way, small companies can participate in the digitalisation of logistics, saving time and preventing planning mistakes in the process,” says Jan Kaumanns.

Add some partners: Simple integration of partners via API
“With RIO, we are pursuing an API-first approach. Our top priority is creating the necessary interfaces to our platform so that our customers can find the right solution and partner for every application,” says Jan Kaumanns. “RIO brings the best together.” The RIO partner portal will make it even easier and faster to integrate new partners into the RIO ecosystem via API.

Several new well-known partners who are expanding RIO’s customer base and service offering are currently being introduced onto the platform:

  • RIO is integrating WABCO TX-TRAILERPULSE™ and, in the future, will offer customers the RIO 4TX-TRAILERPULSE service, an advanced solution for trailer monitoring and remote diagnosis.
  • The Astrata Mission Planner gives fleet owners a customisable workflow and process solution that comes without additional hardware thanks to the RIO Box.
  • DAKO TachoWeb Analyze makes drivers’ driving times transparent. Thanks to detailed analyses, RIO customers can keep potential regulatory breaches under control and assess risk with precision. The package includes driver instructions and expenses.
  • Heuremo uses artificial intelligence to automate the dispatching process, reducing vehicle use by 20 percent.
  • Through the RIO/DKV Card, DKV and RIO are making more than just refuelling easier in the future. Europe-wide acceptance at over 80,000 service points - including filling stations, workshops and toll booths - makes DKV an attractive partner for the professional equipping of vehicle fleets.

Add some interfaces: RIO 4TMS
The new RIO 4TMS interface connects planning systems to the RIO platform and integrates them into the RIO ecosystem. As a result, companies can decide for themselves which transport management system (TMS) they want to use, while enjoying all the benefits of the RIO services. RIO will provide the specifications for the individual interfaces in an onboarding document.

Customers without a TMS can use the RIO Dispatch service and plan their orders. Or they can decide to use the TMS already connected to RIO – translogica. In both cases, they will benefit from the direct communication with the driver and PTV’s truck navigator for route optimisation as part of the driver app. The improved system compatibility achieved through interfaces and connectivity supports RIO’s approach – to create an open ecosystem compatible with all manufacturers for the entire transport industry.

Add some Samba: Smart RIO services in Latin America
RIO is also gaining ground internationally. Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus will be installing the RIO Box as standard equipment in all trucks in Brazil in the second half of 2019. “This is the decisive first step to open up the Latin American market. RIO goes RIO," says Martin Anke, head of Sales and Marketing. At launch, RIO will be offering the RIO Essentials, RIO Geo and RIO Advance services which are already established in Europe. The company is also working with a strong certified partner to develop a local risk management solution: RIO Security. A field test with Brazilian users will be starting soon. The aim is to ensure that the offer meets the demands and needs of Latin American customers.

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