WABCO and RIO launch joint fleet management solution ‘RIO 4TX‑TRAILERPULSE’ to support European transport logistics

BERN, Switzerland, and MUNICH, Germany, 4 June 2019 – WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE: WBC), the global leading supplier of brake control systems and other advanced technologies designed to improve safety, efficiency and the networking of vehicles, announced today that it was launching its first joint trailer-specific fleet management solution (FMS) ‘RIO 4TX-TRAILERPULSE’ with RIO, the digital brand of the global commercial vehicle manufacturer TRATON GROUP.

RIO offers cloud-based digital solutions for the entire logistics and transport chain, and thereby addresses the needs of integrated supply chains. The digital company is fully integrating the new trailer-based telematics solution TX-TRAILERPULSE from WABCO in its cloud-based open platform for freight transport. The solution combines trailer monitoring with diagnostics functions. RIO will gradually make the entire range of functions available to its customers. 

“We are delighted to be able to offer forwarding agents and logistics companies the possibility to better track, maintain and manage their goods, as well as maximise trailer utilisation and improve their cost management. We are in good company here, as both RIO and WABCO offer brand-independent solutions,” says Johan Carlberg, responsible for partner management at RIO.

Furthermore, fleets which already manage their trucks with RIO’s Connectivity Environment will also be able to manage their trailers via the same platform. RIO 4TX-TRAILERPULSE is connected to WABCO’s TX-TRAILERPULSE via the FMS platform from RIO. Irrespective of the size of the fleet, it can be used to increase the productivity of fleet operation considerably. The new system offers hardware and state-of-the-art digital services at a manageable cost. 

The two leading digital service partners on the global transport logistics market had already announced their collaboration at the 2018 IAA. On the basis of this strategic collaboration, the first joint fleet management solution from WABCO and RIO is a powerful realisation of their promise to use their individual digital strengths for greater efficiency in the European transport logistics market. 

“Extending our trailer telematics functions with the open, digital platform from RIO builds on our overall mission of helping transport companies around the world to become leaner, greener and safer in their daily operational activities,” says Nick Rens, WABCO President EMEA. “We are proud to have found in RIO a strong partner that pursues our clear focus on supporting the transport and logistics industry in its digital transition.” 

Jan Kaumanns, CEO of RIO, adds: “Our manufacturer-independent RIO platform has been established through long-term partnerships with industry experience. Building on WABCO’s expertise allows us to provide a continuous flow of new services to our customers. The establishment of RIO 4TX-TRAILERPULSE is just the start of a promising partnership which supports us in our aim of connecting all of the players in our ecosystem.” 

The new digital telematics system for trailers will be available in the DACH region in the summer of 2019, followed by Western and Central Europe. In the coming years, it will also be rolled out globally in order to support transport and logistics companies around the world.

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