Logistics management for everyone

Whether for fleet managers, vehicle rental firms or freight forwarders: RIO has the right software.

Just imagine, your customer rings you and you already know the answer

The RIO logistics platform bundles digital solutions for the entire ecosystem of the transport and logistics world – tailored to each and every function.

At RIO, it isn’t just fleet managers that will find tailored solutions for their day-to-day challenges in transport logistics, but freight forwarders and vehicle rental firms as well.


RIO has something for every requirement

Fleet managers

Low margins and fierce competition make it hard to run a successful transport business. This is where RIO comes in: providing you with the right means to manage your business efficiently, no matter its size.

Optimise today

Freight forwarders

Spending huge amounts on logistics software doesn’t make economical sense in the tough freight haulage business. Nevertheless, you still need a digital solution to overcome present-day challenges: high customer requirements, driver shortages and red tape, for example.

To the platform solution

Vehicle rental firms

RIO’s digital solutions benefit both you and those you rent to. Your renters receive extensive telematics information, which they can order depending on their requirements. And you can look at data during the rental period and use it for your analysis.

Digitise your leasing

Development partners

Together, we can do more for our customers. RIO is creating a “who is who” of logistics software providers on the platform. Begin your journey as a RIO partner today, and offer your solutions to an ever-expanding customer base.

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