Become a part of RIO.

RIO is unprecedented, unique – but above all, RIO makes sense. And together with you, RIO makes even more sense. Let’s identify together what form of cooperation is most attractive for you.

The RIO partner principles.


A good relationship is not a matter of chance, but stems from agreement on key points. These are our key points. We look forward to finding out about yours.

What we stand for.

Seamless data flow.

We basically operate in the same way as in any other good relationship: If you share and give, you will get plenty back. For example, RIO links stand-alone data from different sources to create relevant information enabling customers to make targeted decisions. We of course prioritize data protection, and you decide for yourself what data you want to share with whom.

Easy integration.

It's easy for you to join the RIO ecosystem as a partner: Interfaces and structured documentation permit rapid development and integration of the partner application.


RIO is not exclusive – we believe cooperation and competition are not mutually contradictory. We offer a platform for everyone. The customers alone decide which product will be helpful in their day-to-day work.

Growing together.

All partnerships begin with a shared idea that gradually develops. Let's take the first step together. Every new partner, and every newly installed RIO Box, enhances the RIO ecosystem, and so also its potential.

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You’ll like RIO: Our partner benefits.

RIO offers you lots of opportunities to grow your own business, open up new customer segments, and upgrade your products. To keep down the cost to you of a partnership with RIO, we rely on standardisation.


The RIO platform is Cloud-based, meaning it is technically fully equipped for the future. We've also made it as simple as possible to connect. We offer you standardised interfaces (APIs) for the future for various applications. It is easy and straightforward to become part of the RIO world.


We will provide you with first-level support, and will offer our shared customers easy means of communicating. The RIO Customer Care Hotline is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm under: 00800/22550746, and ensures that any issues are resolved directly or are dealt with promptly by the right person.

Marketing and sales support.

Cooperation opens up new opportunities – for your business, and for RIO. Joint trade fair showings, for example, provide the ideal platform to promote new features and present them to customers. RIO reaches customers throughout the Volkswagen Group and beyond. As is always the case: together we can achieve more.

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You’re in good company.

Even though RIO is a club of the best, it's not exclusive. You'll enjoy unique partnership opportunities. RIO is a meeting point for experts in the logistics and transport sector across all types and sizes of business, bringing together all kinds of specialisms.

Rio has a lot of friends.



Avoid empty trips by automatically consolidating multiple consignments from different trusted transport partners.



Getting real-time updated information on the entire fleet and the traffic situation means being able to act faster and optimise routes.



A leading manufacturer of telematics systems for precision control of mobile units, including their integration into the business processes of future-orientated transport and logistics companies.



Manage assets automatically and optimise routes in order to enhance capacity utilisation, avoid down-times and monetise empty vehicles with the Artificial Intelligence solution from Evertracker.

We're getting really big.

RIO is growing every day. With every partner that contributes its expertise. With every new MAN, SCANIA and Volkswagen commercial vehicle that hits the road. And with every customer that retrofits the new RIO Box. We look forward to welcoming everyone keen to be on-board when the freight business takes the decisive step into a digital and sustainable future.

Chapter image RIO Partner Programme

The RIO partner programs.

Are you a small or big business? A transport management system (TMS) provider, a trailer or semi-trailer manufacturer, or a logistics partner? Are you developing a new product seeking to revolutionize the world of logistics? Whatever drives you: you're most welcome to join our RIO Partner Program, tailored to your individual needs and expectations.


Are you a TMS provider? We offer you a simple, standardised way to connect to our Cloud-based platform. This enables our customers to exchange and share data easily and directly between systems.


Are you a trailer or semi-trailer manufacturer, and interested in a partnership with RIO? Based on our standardised hardware and the interface to our Cloud-based platform, we create transparency for customers, and so by our joint efforts optimise the utilisation of trailer and semi-trailer capacities.


Have you got a great idea, or have you already developed a new product and are trying to gain a foothold in the transport and logistics sector? We want to help. We offer you the opportunity to get to know our Cloud-based platform more closely, and to test your business model in a simple, uncomplicated way.



Do you provide transport and logistics services, and are you interested in a partnership with RIO? Let's work together to optimise the value chain and make it more transparent. We offer you a state-of-the-art Cloud-based platform, and the opportunity to present your services to lots of potential customers.



Are you already working with your customers on interconnected transport and logistics projects? Then we should get to know each other – and identify together where we have potential for joint projects delivering genuine added value for our customers.

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Are you looking for a strong partner for your company?



Are you from a startup company and are looking for the right entry to the market?


Interested in a RIO partnership?

Get in touch with us. We Would love to hear from you.

You’re interested in partnership with RIO? Wonderful! Because a partnership with RIO opens countless opportunities for you to expand your business. Get your startup on the road, open up new customer segments or extend your borders in the truest sense of the word. RIO only brings good – and, above all, good together.