Become a part of RIO.

RIO is unprecedented, unique – but above all, RIO makes sense. And together with you, RIO makes even more sense. Let’s find out together which form of cooperation is most attractive for you.

The RIO partner principles.


A good relationship isn’t a coincidence, it’s the product of agreeing on all the important points. Here are our most important points; we look forward to getting to know yours.

What we believe in.

Seamless Dataflow.

Basically, it works the same way with us as in all good relationships: Those that share also get a lot in return. For example, RIO connects isolated data from various sources with relevant information so that the customer can make informed decisions. Naturally, we make a big thing of data protection and you decide which data you want to share with whom.

Simple integration.

As a partner, getting started in the RIO ecosystem is made easy for you: standardized interfaces and structured documentation enable fast development and integration of partner applications.


RIO isn’t exclusive – cooperation and competition aren’t mutually exclusive here. We offer a platform for everyone. The customer, alone, decides which product makes everyday life easier.

Mutual growth.

Every partnership begins with a mutual idea that gradually evolves. Let’s take the first step together. The RIO ecosystem grows with every new partner and every RIO box installed. And with it, your potential.

Chapter image RIO Partner Perspektive

You’re in good company.

Even though RIO is a club of the best, it’s not an exclusive club. You can look forward to an unrivalled partner environment where experts from every type of company, size and specialty from the transport and logistics industries can meet and supplement each other.

Rio has many friends.



Avoid empty loads by automatically combining multiple loads from various trustworthy transport partners in a single journey.



Staying informed in real time about the complete fleet and its traffic situations means you can act faster and optimize routes.



Leading manufacturer of telematics systems for precise control of mobile units and their integration in the business process of future-oriented transport and logistics companies.



Manage assets automatically and optimize journeys to increase utilization and monetize idle time and spare capacity with the artificial intelligence solution from Evertracker.

With us, this is going to be big.

RIO grows every day. With every partner that adds their expertise. With every new MAN, SCANIA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle on the road. And with every customer that retrofits the new RIO Box. We look forward to everyone that wants to be a part of it, when freight transport takes the decisive step in a digital and sustainable future.    

Chapter image RIO Partner Programme

The RIO partner programs.

You’re big, you’re small, transport management system provider, trailer manufacturer or logistic partner? You’re developing a new product that’s going to revolutionize the logistic world? Whatever drives you, you’re very welcome in our RIO Partner Program, which we’ll tailor to you and your expectations.


You’re a transport management system (TMS) provider? We offer you a simple and standardized way to link to our cloud-based platform. Our customers can thereby exchange and share data between systems easily and directly.


You’re a trailer manufacturer and interested in a partnership with RIO? With our standardized hardware and the connection to our cloud-based platform, together we create transparency for customers and in doing so optimize trailer utilization.


You’ve got a great idea or have already developed a new product and are trying to get a foot in the door of the transport and logistic industry? We’d like to support you and give you the opportunity to find out more about our cloud-based platform and test your business model easily and uncomplicatedly.



You provide services around transport and logistics and are interested in a partnership with RIO? Let’s work together on optimizing the value chain and making it more transparent. We offer you a modern, cloud-based platform and the opportunity of presenting your service to many potential customers.



You already work together with your customers on networked transport and logistics projects? Then we should get to know each other – and find out together where there’s potential for joint projects that create real added value for our customers.

Chapter image RIO Partner Vorteile

You’ll like RIO: Our partner benefits.

RIO offers you many opportunities for building your business, opening new customer segments and expanding your products. To minimize the effort needed for a partnership with RIO, we rely on standardization.

integration in the
RIO platform.

The RIO platform is cloud-based and therefore well positioned for the future. We provide you software development kits (SDKs) and thereby enable simple integration with, or connection to, RIO.


We support you with 1st level support and offer our joint customers a simple method of communication. RIO support is available 24/7 via various channels and ensures that every request is resolved directly or quickly addressed by the appropriate contact person.

Marketing and sales support.

Cooperation opens new opportunities – for your company and for RIO. Joint trade show appearances, for example, provide an ideal platform for positioning new topics and presenting to customers. With RIO, we also reach customers in the entire Volkswagen concern and beyond. As always and everywhere: you can do more together.

Chapter image RIO Partner werden

Our onboarding process.

With a standardized partner onboarding process, we ensure that nothing is left to chance – and that nothing can stand in the way of our joint success.

Five steps to success:

Step 1 – Non-disclosure agreement

To secure our partnership from the start, we conclude a non-disclosure agreement. This enables us to communicate and exchange concepts.

Step 2 – Initial business workshop

The initial workshop is about laying the foundations for cooperation, getting a joint understanding and working out the first application cases.

Step 3 – Detailed business & IT workshop

The goal of the second workshop is going deeper into the previously developed application cases and understanding and establishing the IT requirements. 

Step 4 – Connection and integration

Once one or more application cases have been clearly formulated and reviewed by IT, connection or integration can begin. In future, software development kits (SDKs) and our partner integration team will be available with tips and tricks.

Step 5 – Partner contract

In parallel with the connection or integration, we conduct detailed discussions about the future joint-business model and thereby develop the individual elements of the partner contract. This contract is the legal basis of the further cooperation and allows the customer to use the partner services on RIO.

Frequently asked questions about RIO.

All new trucks of MAN will be RIO line-fitted. RIO retrofit option is available for all other trucks and brands as long as they are equipped with a standard FMS-interface. RIO will also be available for busses in the future.
Yes, as long as they are equipped with an FMS-interface.
RIO follows the concept of bring-your-own-device. Of course, RIO will have to assure compatibility, security and quality of all future devices connecting into the system.
Yes, as long as the truck is equipped with a FMS-Interface.
RIO follows the concept of a non-exclusive platform, therefore all interested parties can join RIO.

Interested in a RIO partnership?

Get in touch with us. We Would love to hear from you.

You’re interested in partnership with RIO? Wonderful! Because a partnership with RIO opens countless opportunities for you to expand your business. Get your startup on the road, open up new customer segments or extend your borders in the truest sense of the word. RIO only brings good – and, above all, good together.