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With you as a partner, RIO makes even more sense. Let us find out together which form of cooperation is most attractive for you.

Data overview.

Share data, create added value!

Connect your world with the RIO world. If we make better use of our data together, our customers benefit more - if they so wish. Find out here how this works and which interfaces we offer.

This data can be provided by our interfaces


We offer you access to down-to-the-minute position data of vehicles and other assets.


Ask for the current mileage of a vehicle.


At what speed is the vehicle travelling? You will get this information from us.

Driving and
rest periods

Get minute-by-minute information about drivers’ activities.

Tachograph and
driver card data

We will make this data available to you.

fuel level and

How much is left in the tank? How much fuel does the vehicle consume? We will tell you.

Total weight

Get information about the total weight of the vehicle and - if available - about the axle loads.

engine data

Access engine data such as operating time and number of revolutions.


Find out about the status of the PTO.

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Become a partner

We offer our partners maximum flexibility. Simply follow the steps below. After integration we charge access to the interface per asset and month. Best of all, you can use the interface for your first customer free of charge for the first three months.


Fill out the interface enquiry form. 

StEP 2

We will process your enquiry immediately and send you an offer.


When you have agreed to the offer, you will receive a description of the interfaces and access data for the fleet of our first common customer.

RIO then obtains the declaration of consent for the use of the data of our shared customers.


Then simply integrate the interfaces into your system. You can now retrieve the first customer data.


After integration of the first customers you will be listed as a partner in the Marketplace.

As a RIO partner, you open up new customer segments and can network with other experts. You can set your service prices flexibly and scale them efficiently.

Access enquiry.