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Logistics service providers are faced with a high level of complexity in their day-to-day activities. They have to ensure their fleet is running with economic efficiency, customer demands are on the constant increase, and a lack of drivers is also causing problems for the industry. This is where digitalisation can help. But which software is the best? And how do you keep sight of your entire fleet? This is where RIO can help. We offer web-based software for freight forwarding which enables you to manage your fleet and order all manner of different services from our RIO Marketplace. You can do this yourself and on a day-to-day basis.

By using our web-based solutions, logistics companies can make their processes and transport management in general more efficient.


Freight forwarding software: Our portfolio

From order entry and scheduling through to tracking – you can order the perfect solutions for your business from RIO.

Vehicle tracking

Quite often, the driver can’t be reached by phone at the exact moment when the customer is asking when their delivery will arrive. Now you’ll have all the information to hand at your desk.

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Maintenance management

Unforeseen truck breakdowns can quickly become a problem. RIO lets you predict and schedule maintenance periods better.

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Driving and rest times

All of the activities of your drivers in real time. This means you can plan better how to deploy your drivers and assign trips more efficiently.

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Tachograph management

Comply with statutory requirements from your desk by manually downloading tachograph data.

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Apps for on the move

RIO is also available for your pocket. With our app you can see important functions on the RIO platform even when travelling.

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Trip and order planning

Manage your orders and assign these to your trips. With our app the driver now receives this information directly in real time.

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Economically efficient driving

Do your employees already drive in an economically efficient manner? Or is there scope to optimise driving style? Click below for an overview and transparent driving analysis possibilities.

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Transport management systems

Looking to connect your TMS to the RIO platform and exchange information between the systems? Take a look at the partner connection options we already offer.

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Controlling mobile end devices

Modern mobile devices are incredibly smart. However, for work you usually need just a few functions, which means the huge plethora of other functions can quickly become a distraction and cost time unnecessarily. The magic word here is: Mobile Device Management.

Once installed on a smartphone or tablet, you decide which functions the user can or can’t access.

Find out more about this comprehensive product.

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