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Your benefits as a partner at a glance

Standardised interfaces

REST-based APIs combined with our OAuth extension, specifically developed for our partners and used for authorisation and authentication purposes, simplify access for partners and users. We make life easier for you and your customers, because we transform every signal from the connected vehicles into a cross-manufacturer data format.

Collaborative marketing

Together we make a bigger impact. RIO offers its partners a variety of marketing and communications measures. We integrate our partners on our Webshop – the RIO Marketplace, where all of the services are presented and can be ordered in twelve languages. We also proudly present our partners on the RIO website and on our social media accounts.

Smart data exchange

We exchange data with our partners and use this data to directly enrich the RIO platform and our partners’ systems. Because we process and combine data in an intelligent manner, new application opportunities are created for both parties – for our partners and for RIO. Ideally, this even leads to the collaborative development of a new product!

Our interfaces


We can enable you to call up the location data of vehicles and other assets – with minute-by-minute precision.

API definition


Request the current mileage of a vehicle.

API definition


We can provide all maintenance and status data of the fleet at a glance.

API definition

Driving and rest periods

Get minute-by-minute information about drivers’ activities.

API definition

Tachograph and driver card data

We provide you with this data.

API definition

Tank fill level and consumption

How much fuel is still in the tank? How much fuel does the vehicle consume? We’ll tell you.

API definition

Gross weight

Receive information about the gross weight of the vehicle and – if available – about the axle loads.

API definition

Engine data

Access data about the engine, such as the operating time and the number of revolutions.

API definition


Find out about the status of the PTO.

API definition

Five steps to a partnership with RIO

Step 1: Fill in the form for the interface request.

Step 2: We will process your request as soon as possible and send you an offer.

Step 3: Once you have accepted the offer, you will receive the specifications for the interfaces and access data to the fleet of our first collaborative customer.

RIO obtains the declaration of consent from our collaborative customers for use of their data.

Step 4: Next you simply integrate the interfaces into your system. You can now successfully call up the first customer data sets.

Step 5: After integrating your first customers, you will be listed as a partner on the Marketplace.

As a RIO partner you will be able to tap into new customer segments and network with other specialist companies.  

This is what our customers say about RIO


“It’s a privilege to work with such an important company like RIO. It is completely in tune with our collaboration strategy, where together we get the best out of the ecosystem for our customers. The collaboration between RIO and Astrata will benefit fleet owners through a customisable workflow and process solution without the need for additional hardware.”

Abdallah Harati, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Astrata

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“Our standard of quality is reflected in the intelligent services, which are available to a broad circle of users via RIO. We value the professional and forward-thinking collaboration with the RIO platform and are looking forward to continuing to drive forward the digital transformation of transportation together with RIO.”

Christian Weiß, Head of Sales at DAKO

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“We are a RIO partner because we are a huge fan of the idea of sharing data. The data from the vehicles gives rise to many new business model opportunities and RIO provides the perfect base for this and a stable structure.”

Sven Spiekermann, CEO & Co-Founder of HEUREMO

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“For idem telematics, the Internet of Transport is an important matter. That is why we didn’t hesitate in seizing the opportunity to be the first trailer telematics provider on the RIO platform. For our customers, the integration of different systems is playing an increasingly important role. Throughout our collaboration, we have come to recognise the RIO team as an incredibly competent development partner and are looking forward to new functions and joint customers.”

Heiko Boch, Head of Product Management

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“RIO provides an innovative telematics concept which enables applications from different providers to be integrated into a solution tailored to the customer. In this context, TachoPlus can be used for the precise evaluation of tachograph data as per the statutory requirements. It offers the transport company a reliable and lawful means of archiving vehicle and driver data, including fine calculation, driver instruction and statistical analyses, and a way of depicting these in full. As the interfaces are fully automated, it is incredibly easy for the user to use.”

Richard Faust, Founder of Softproject AG TachoPlus

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“Adding our trailer telematics functions to the open and fully digital RIO platform builds on our overall mission to help transport companies around the world to make their operations radically leaner, greener and safer. We are proud to have found a strong partner in RIO, one that is systematically supporting us with our clear focus on the digital transformation of the transport and logistics sector.”

Nick Rens, WABCO President for EMEA

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