The telematics solution for vehicle rental firms

How vehicle rental firms and renters can benefit from digital services.


Renting made easy

You are a successful vehicle rental company but time and again you face one major challenge. As soon as a vehicle has been rented out, you can no longer see its data or use this data for internal analysis purposes. With RIO 4Rental, you can now see your trucks’ data even once they have been rented out. All of the telematics data is now available from your own account and can continue being used for analysis purposes. And we have an added bonus for you: in future, you’ll be able to decide with which services to equip your trucks.


What we provide to vehicle rental firms


You have around-the-clock access to your vehicles, no matter whether trucks, vans or commercial vehicles.


You can easily increase vehicle utilisation by getting vehicles back more quickly from being rented out.

Digital services

You decide which digital services are to be pre-configured in your vehicles and which ones your renters can use.


You can easily assign your vehicles to renters on the platform and integrate them back into your fleet once the rental period has ended.

Looking to manage your rental fleet via RIO as well?

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