Overview of RIO services

More than just telematics – with our digital services, we support you on your way to Logistics 4.0.

Overview of all services

RIO Essentials

To manage your fleet successfully, use the free-of-charge basic version and familiarise yourself with vehicle-based deployment analysis, including transmission of vehicle position.

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RIO Advance

The perfect extension to RIO Essentials, for the optimum creation of trend analyses and evaluations. Having more historical data helps you to make long-term business decisions.

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RIO Perform

Analyse the performance of your fleet based on factors such as fuel consumption and vehicle handling. Our analyses and tables will help you to save on costs.

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This RIO service is an upgrade to our fleet monitor and provides even better truck tracking. With geofencing and points of interest, you can always track your fleet.

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RIO Compliant

Ensuring compliance with all statutory provisions takes time. Make life easier for yourself with the automatic downloading and archiving of tachograph and driver card data.

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RIO Timed

Transmitting driving and rest periods in real time makes your order and trip planning easier and more efficient. This means you always have a picture of the residual driving time.

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RIO Maintenance

Avoid vehicle breakdowns by permanently monitoring the maintenance status of your fleet. With the remote diagnostics function on our logistics platform, you can do this from your desk.

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In day-to-day business, planning your assets can become a challenge. Using the hardware provided by our partner WABCO, you can check where your trailers are at any time on the RIO platform. This means you won’t lose any more time in searching for them. 


RIO 4Trailer

To plan trips efficiently, it is essential to know where your assets are located. Thanks to the simple installation of a Bluetooth beacontrailer tracking becomes a walk in the park.

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RIO Dispatch

Optimise your trip and order management. RIO Dispatch helps you to create transparency within your transport processes and to improve communication between your customers and with your drivers. This enables you to digitalise your dispatch processes with ease.

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RIO 4Mobile

With a Mobile Device Management system, you can restrict drivers’ use of mobile end devices to just what is necessary for their task. This saves time and safeguards processes.

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The progress continues ...

RIO is constantly working on finding new solutions to overcome the daily challenges of the transportation industry. When the time comes, you’ll see how our work is progressing here.

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