You can now locate your trailers with WABCO hardware on the RIO platform.



For the day-to-day of a materials requirement planner, it is important to keep track of all assets at all times. This includes both the tractor vehicles and the trailers. However, quite often, it is not possible to locate the trailers, so companies lose time in searching for them. We have partnered with WABCO to address this problem.

With RIO 4TX-TRAILERPULSE, any customer who has equipped their trailers with the corresponding WABCO hardware, can now see them on the RIO platform, as well. Don’t lose any more time in searching!


Integrate your WABCO telematics system into the RIO platform

Vehicle overview

All information related to the trailer, such as speed and mileage, at a glance.

Current location

Keep track of your trailers and view their current locations in the fleet monitor.

Travel history

View the route of the trailer for last 10 days.

Features and functions

  • Location intervals and vehicle direction every 15 minutes
  • Speed and mileage
  • Standstill vs. movement status
  • Route history of the last 10 days


Compare trailer products



Web-enabled end device

With an Internet connection and a new operating system.


Internet browser

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer 11.



Installation of the WABCO hardware TX-TRAILERPULSE in the trailer

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