RIO Compliant

Read out and save tachograph and driver card data automatically.


Why choose RIO Compliant?

Regularly reading out and saving tachograph and driver card data is obligatory for all freight forwarders. This occupies your employees’ resources, of course, which could be used in a more profitable manner. RIO Compliant is a service which allows you to automate the process of reading out the digital tachograph from your work place. As soon as the service has been set up, data will automatically be saved on a regular basis.

This gives you one less task to think about.

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Fulfil your data storage obligation without hassle


No-hassle manual or automatic downloads.

Legal certainty

Ensure legal certainty through automatic storage of and access to tachograph and driver card data.


Access to your archived downloads at all times.

Features and functions

  • Manual or automatic remote downloading of tachograph and driver card data
  • Archiving of downloaded files in the RIO Cloud
  • Export archived files to your own computer
  • Access all files at all times via the RIO platform
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You need a RIO Box installed in the vehicle.


Web-enabled end device

With an Internet connection and a new operating system.


Internet browser

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer 11.



With company lock configured with company card.


Company card

Including the corresponding card reader.

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