Mixed Fleet Bridge

See vehicles of other brands on the fleet monitor without the need for retrofitting or a RIO Box.


Why Mixed Fleet Bridge?

Telematics systems can make day-to-day logistical processes significantly easier. You can track the location of your truck at all times and find out how much longer it will take the driver to get to the customer.

However, it isn’t easy to navigate your way through the world of potential telematics providers. To complicate matters, truck manufacturers also offer their own system solutions. But is it really necessary to use multiple systems if you have a mixed fleet?

In the past it was, but things have started to change. Thanks to Mixed Fleet Bridge, you can now simply transmit the data from your telematics systems to the RIO platform – no hassle and no need to retrofit any hardware. Take a look at the systems we currently support.

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All the advantages of the fleet monitor without the need for retrofitting

Current location

Includes the full functional scope of the RIO fleet monitor.

Straightforward transmission

Connect your system to the RIO platform in just a few clicks.

No retrofitting

No need for additional hardware, so you save yourself a trip to the workshop.

Features and functions

  • Import vehicle data from other telematics systems to RIO
  • Vehicles are displayed on the fleet monitor
  • Full functional scope of the RIO fleet monitor
  • No hardware retrofitting necessary
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We currently support the following telematics providers:

Dynafleet & Scania FleetManagement Services

Can’t see your provider on the list? Not a problem. Send us an e-mail with the name of the provider and we’ll take care of the rest.

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