Manage orders and plan trips

Give your business a solid footing. RIO Order makes order management easier and helps you to plan trips.

Why use RIO Order?

In order management it is particularly important that you maintain an overview and don't overlook anything major. During ongoing operations, obtaining status information makes this even more complex. RIO Order makes creating and managing orders easier. Trips can then be arranged quickly. Status information for every shipment means better planning and increased ability to provide information to the customer. If anything happens when on the road, all important information is ready at once.

What RIO Order can do

Features & functions

  • Creation and management of orders
  • Planning and allocation of trips
  • Transmission of status information about orders
  • Transmission of breakdown call information
  • Archiving of routes and orders

Included for you

Your benefits

  • Keep track of orders at all times
  • Intuitive and simplified administration
  • Increase in utilisation rate
  • Immediate notification in the event of delays
  • Improved ability to provide information to the customer


Start now!

What you need to get started

Web-enabled end device

With an Internet connection and a new operating system

Internet Browser

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer 11

RIO Connect App

For the driver available in the Google Play store

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