Messaging Service

RIO Push secures communication between back office and driver. Text messages, images and more from the comfort of the desk.

Why RIO Push?

A prerequisite for successful order management is communication between the back office and the driver. It is important to be reachable, especially in the case of last-minute changes or damage. Ready-made text modules make for quick communication between materials requirement planner and driver. With RIO Push you can communicate quickly and reliably with your driver. This means you compile, send and receive messages and images from the comfort of your desk. Our own “Messages” desktop application makes this possible.

RIO Push can do that

Features & functions

  • sending and receiving text messages and images
  • use of ready-made text modules
  • desktop use for the desktop workstation
  • transmission of breakdown call information


Included for you

Your benefits

  • Direct communication paths
  • Quick and convenient information transmission
  • Works entirely without RIO box


What you need to get started

Web-enabled end device

With an Internet connection and a new operating system

Internet Browser

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer 11

RIO Connect App

For the driver available in the Google Play store

Would you like to get started right away?

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