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You’ll be hard pressed to find another working environment as challenging as that of the logistics sector, and this isn’t just down to the high cost and time pressure. The vehicles have to be operated with maximum economic efficiency, which requires careful driving and effective maintenance management. You should always know where vehicles and shipments are at that particular moment and whether everything will reach the planned destination on time. Track & Trace and trip and order management have to go hand in hand, and statutory requirements have to be complied with, too.

Every day, RIO works to find solutions for you to overcome all of these challenges.


RIO has something for you

Driving and rest times

Having available drivers forms the basis for any scheduling process. Use RIO to keep track of everything at all times.

Check driver times

Economically efficient driving

Full throttle and full brake mode? Or let the truck glide smoothly down the road? Both are possible. But only one thing makes sense – RIO.

Save money now

Maintenance management

Only a vehicle in top condition is reliable and efficient in its performance. Look no further than RIO.

Prevent downtime

Vehicle tracking

You should know where your vehicles are located at all times, especially when the customer asks.

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Tachograph management

Just sit back and let RIO do the task of downloading and storing tachograph data.

More legal certainty

Transport management

Looking to connect your TMS to the RIO platform and exchange information between the systems? Just let us know.

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Trips and orders

Manage orders efficiently and plan trips intelligently. Both are easy to do with RIO.

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RIO on the move

Keep control of your fleet even when you’re not in the office. RIO offers clever apps with live data to help you with this.

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