Driving style analysis – fair and transparent

When your employees drive in an economically efficient manner, you save money and increase motivation.

Your drivers can become the champions of efficiency.

In the transport business, every penny counts and competition is fierce. So every detail makes a difference: if a truck gets stuck in traffic, this tests your nerves and costs fuel. Quick sprints and stop-and-go driving wears down brakes and tyres. Our driver and vehicle deployment analyses provide you with customised information which you can discuss openly with your drivers. You will see that fair and transparent driving style analyses don’t just reduce fuel costs and vehicle wear. They also help you to motivate your drivers: transparent evaluations form the basis of an accepted bonus system that you can use to reward economically efficient driving and to achieve positive results.

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Overview of economically efficient driving with RIO

Overview of average consumption

RIO will help you maintain an overview of fuel consumption and the driving style of your drivers.

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Reliable driver evaluation

You can customise our transparent driver grading system. Incorporate the nature of deployment (including traffic, elevation profile) for a fairer evaluation.

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Fleet performance data history

Analyses of the last three months give you a long-term view of your fleet’s performance.

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Overview of deployment data

Tables with graphs show where improvements can be made in terms of the driver and vehicle.

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Economically efficient driving – analyses for beginners and professionals

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your fleet more economically efficient. We even offer our basic package for free! With our beginner service RIO Essentials, you’re already able to see vehicle-related information about the average consumption of your trucks. 

For the full package of driver and vehicle deployment analyses, we recommend you use RIO Perform. This professional service provides detailed driver and fleet analyses, a comprehensive driver evaluation, and fleet performance data for the last three months (including fuel consumption, braking response, coasting mode, etc.).

If there is a RIO Box in the vehicle, you can register and get started right away. If there isn’t a RIO Box, find out here how you can retrofit our hardware.



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