Reading out driver cards made easy

Give yourself legal certainty – hassle free and from the comfort of your desk.


Legal certainty at work

It often isn’t easy to follow the strict requirements of the law . A few rows of legal text often translate into a lot of work in the transportation industry. Drivers have to have their driver card with them at all times and use the digital tachograph in the correct manner. You have to read out tachograph and driver card data on a regular basis and archive it. Driving time violation checks are just one reason for this.

At RIO we understand that, and therefore provide you with various options, so that you can comply with the law at any time. And it doesn’t matter where your driver, truck or even you are at that moment in time.

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Read out the electronic tachograph remotely


Manually or automatic? In either case, it’s quick and simple to do from your computer.


RIO stores the data in the Cloud, which is always available for you to download.

Data export

You can save the data locally at any time.

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