Trailer tracking

Integrate your trailers on the platform – just by using GPS tracking.


Track all of your trailers on one map

It’s the beginning of the week and the new trips need to be planned. However, your materials requirement planner is once again busy locating a number of trailers. This means numerous phone calls with drivers, and a great deal of time lost. Sound familiar? Well, soon it won’t be an issue.

RIO has developed its own trailer telematics solution which you can use in future to find your towed units, wherever they may be! All you’ll need for this is a Bluetooth beacon and you’ll be able to see your trailers on the RIO fleet monitor.

If you’re already using different telematics systems, no problem at all. We’re already collaborating with a number of major partners and can also connect other trailer telematics systems to the RIO platform.

Overview of trailer tracking with RIO

Status data

See basic information about the trailer and connected tractor vehicle, such as coupling status and mileage.

RIO 4Trailer
Current location

Keep track of your trailers and view their current locations in the fleet monitor.

RIO 4Trailer
Travel history

View the route that the trailer took over the last 10 days.

RIO 4Trailer

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