Transport management systems

Network your transport management system with the RIO platform.

Seamless communication between materials requirement planner and driver

The day-to-day of your freight forwarding business is complex. Your materials requirement planner has to juggle several systems at once to manage the incoming orders, plan the trips, assign the trip to the driver, and on top of this, have all the information to hand for the customer. Over time, this can become laborious.

So why not optimise your order management by integrating your TMS into RIO

  • Seamless integration of your existing TMS via any common interface
  • All information at a glance without having to use different systems
  • Pass on trip and order information directly to the driver
  • Receive relevant status information from the driver directly in the TMS
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing information quickly
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Take advantage of an integrated TMS

Flexible system use

It’s you who chooses which planning system to integrate.

Better information flow

More transparent and faster flow of information between back office and driver.

Error-free trip planning

No more errors when planning trips, because all of the important information is available.

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