Trip and order management

Intelligent software for trip planning and order management


Your trips under control – trip management made easy

No matter how good your planning is, the day-to-day of freight forwarders in particular is faced with constant change and unforeseen delays that upset the trip planning for your entire fleet.

The replanning and coordination work that results from these changes costs a lot a time – time which you should be investing in accepting and planning new orders. So let RIO help you.

Our Cloud-based software simplifies trip and order management, so that you can take care of the important things.

What solutions are there?

Trip and order management solutions

We offer various digital services to help you with the day-to-day of your business. Simply select your desired RIO services on a day-by-day and vehicle-by-vehicle basis. It’s straightforward and tailored to your requirements.

Trip planning

Manage incoming orders, plan trips, and quickly assign the trips to the drivers via app.

To Dispatch

Minimise breakdowns

Plan downtimes and maintenance on time using digital remote diagnostics for maintenance components.

To RIO Maintenance

Residual time at wheel

Automatic monitoring of driver activities, such as driving, rest time, breaks, standby, and working.

To Timed

Route planning

Use the truck route planning service to find the fastest way to the destination and to calculate toll costs.

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