Vehicle tracking in real time

Thanks to GPS data, you’ll know where your trucks are located at all times.


Vehicle tracking? Child’s play!

Just imagine, your customer rings you because your truck with their delivery hasn’t arrived yet. The delivery slot has passed and you’re unable to reach the driver. Where is the vehicle and what has caused the delay? RIO helps you to monitor your trucks using GPS – without any hassle. You don’t have to be an IT expert to use our fleet monitor. Go ahead and try out our truck tracking services. There are no notice or contract periods.

Our basic truck tracking package is even completely free of charge!

Overview of vehicle tracking with RIO

Vehicle location

RIO transmits GPS data every 15 minutes (Essentials) or per minute (One Minute Locator).

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Map information

Thanks to the latest map material, keep constant track of traffic flow.

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Travel history

Stores locations and all important events. You can download the history, too.

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Event history

Stores all important events, such as ignition on/off and when a geofence is entered.

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Point of interest

Simply flag all of the destinations that you often drive to.

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You can use geofencing to mark out addresses and regions to see when your truck reaches them.

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Vehicle information

You can see basic information such as speed, tank fill level and residual driving time.

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But that’s not all that we have to offer you in terms of fleet management and truck tracking.

RIO also can help when it comes to archiving tachograph data, for example.

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Have we convinced you?

Get started free of charge!

No risks

Fee-based services can be ordered and removed on a daily basis.

No investment

The Essentials service is already available for you completely free of charge.

Independent system

All of the solutions and services have been designed for use with a mixed fleet.

You can get started immediately

There’s no need to download any software and you can get started right away.