If the client complains.

The client contacts you and complains that the delivery did not arrive on time. They are unhappy and want you to compensate them for their trouble. Of course, you can contact the driver who made the delivery in question and ask them. Most likely, they will say the delivery was on time. It appears to have been the customer who failed to record or receive the delivery on time.

This leaves you with a dilemma.

Discover the simple steps you need to back up your position.


1. Open the fleet monitor and select the journey history.

2. Select the time period and the relevant vehicle.

You can check as far back as 25 months ago.


3. Assess what you see.

When did the driver actually arrive at the unloading site?

4. Share your insights with the client.

Take a screenshot or print the view as a PDF file, and send your driver’s actual arrival time to the client.


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