If there is an emergency

Although we would like everything to go to plan for you, the reality is that things can go wrong.
Breakdowns happen quickly. Now, you need all the relevant information for organising a repair or recovery to hand immediately.

Discover the simple steps you need to limit the damage.


1. Open the fleet monitor and select the stranded vehicle on the left.

2. You will find its exact position in the detailed view on the right.


3. The fleet monitor now helps you to find a suitable workshop.

The option to search for workshops in the fleet monitor will not become available until you book the Geo service (for a fee). Alternatively, you can just copy the current position and search for a nearby workshop, e.g. using Google Maps.

4. And if you’d prefer to send someone yourself? No problem – just share the current position!

The “Position Sharing” function is another component of the paid Geo service.


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