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Exhibitions and events 2020




12 May 2020 is a date for your diary. It’s the day of the tenth T-Matik. While in previous years dubbed Germany’s largest telematics exhibition, visitors at this year’s event can look forward to a host of new exhibitors from the logistics sector.

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Forum Automobillogistik

05/02/ – 06/02/2020

Production & logistics

The lines between traditional production and logistics processes are becoming increasingly blurred. This year’s Automotive Logistics Forum discussed new developments in both areas and the issue of how companies should organise themselves in the future. Read more in the interview with Prof Snowder.

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Exhibitions and events 2019


Forum Automobillogistik

05/02/ – 06/02/2019

Digital transport management

Optimising logistics doesn’t concern just traditional transport companies. Automotive companies too have to optimise their logistics processes. Volkswagen Group Logistics, for example, is one of the three largest freight forwarders in Germany. RIO is helping to digitalise the Group’s logistics processes.

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Logistik Dialog

11/04/ – 12/04/2019

TMS integration with RIO

In line with the motto “digital effectiveness”, Susanne Simon, Product Owner at RIO, introduced her new service RIO 4TMS. This service connects the RIO platform to the customer’s TMS, and thereby facilitates communication between the materials requirement planner and the driver. You can download the presentation from here.


transport logistics

04/06/ – 07/06/2019

New logistics services developed

At the world’s leading trade fair in the logistics industry, RIO presented new services, new partners, and the RIO pocket universe. The new Pocket Fleet app, with which fleet managers will be able to control their trucks using their mobile phone in future, was demonstrated to visitors on a giant mobile phone.


10th Niederösterreichischer Logistik Tag


New insights into smallest companies

Under the motto “Simply rethink”, speakers talked about how the various areas in logistics could be viewed with a fresh perspective. Martin Anke, Head of Sales & Marketing at RIO, spoke about digitalisation in small fleet companies and presented some facts from the study that we conducted on this topic.


International Supply Chain Conference

23/10/ – 25/10/2019

Major appearance with Volkswagen LK

The International Supply Chain Conference is the largest logistics trade fair in Germany, which made it the perfect setting for our first major appearance with Volkswagen Konzernlogistik after announcing our collaboration with the Group. Our CEO Jan Kaumanns and Sören Stade from Volkswagen were some of those interviewed by logistics trade publication DVZ on their blue sofa.

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Exhibitions and events 2018


Forum Automobillogistik

31/01/ – 01/02/2018

First RIO services now online

Following the launch of the RIO platform in December 2017, the new services have now been presented to a broad audience for the first time. Upon the launch to market, these were available free of charge. Read more about the Marketplace in our press release.


IAA Nutzfahrzeuge

20/09/ – 27/09/2018

RIO goes to Rio

Our customers had a number of new RIO developments to look forward to at the 2018 IAA. The event was not only an opportunity to introduce our new services and partnerships, but also to announce the launch of the RIO brand in Latin America. Read more about this subject in our press release.


International Supply Chain Conference

17/10/ – 19/10/2018

Collaboration in the logistics sector

At the International Supply Chain Conference, Digital Logistics Hub Hamburg and RIO presented a new, collaboratively produced whitepaper. It demonstrates that data sharing on platforms has measurable advantages. You can read about all the results here.

Exhibitions and events 2017

What do our RIO Box and RIO services look like? Who are the people behind RIO? Browse through our first set of photos.


Automotive Logistics Forum

14/02/ – 15/02/2017

New digital transformation methods

At this year’s event, the focus lay on the issue of digitalisation. How does this work in the automotive industry? In a keynote speech, Head of Marketing Joachim Wallenstein explained how MAN Truck & Bus SE are tackling this particular challenge.

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20/03/ – 24/03/2017

A look behind the scenes

How does agile development work at a software provider? At CeBIT, visitors were treated to a live demonstration from innovation lab “X-Lab” transforming various rows of coding into a command for a self-driving truck. The X-Lab team illustrated various ways in which it could be applied within the logistics industry.

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Logistik Dialog

06/04/ – 07/04/2017

Expert panel on the Internet of Things

Vice President Frank Tinschert was invited to partake in an expert panel to discuss the Internet of Things with market-leading companies from Austria – all pioneers in the area of digitalisation. You can download the presentation from here.


transport logistics

09/05/ – 12/05/2017

Telematics for industry

The term “telematics” is usually associated only with logistics. Yet digital telematics solutions are also leveraged within industry. CEO Markus Lipinsky gave a presentation to explain exactly how this is the case. You can download the presentation from here.


International Supply Chain Conference

25/10/ – 27/10/2017

RIO is transforming the world of transportation

What does the working day of a materials requirement planner look like with and without RIO? At the International Supply Chain Conference, we showed a video illustrating how we are supporting freight forwarders and fleet companies in their digitalisation transformation processes. Watch the video again here.

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21/11/ – 25/11/2017


Collaboration with MAN France

SOLUTRANS is the most important logistics and transport trade fair in France. At our joint booth with MAN FRANCE, we introduced customers to the RIO brand and told them about the upcoming launch of the platform.

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Exhibitions and events 2016


IAA Nutzfahrzeuge

21/09/ – 29/09/2016

Official market launch of RIO

The 2016 IAA was the highlight of the year for all employees at RIO, as this is where the brand was officially launched. Read more about the launch here in MAN’s press release on the IAA.

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International Supply Chain Conference

19/10/ – 21/10/2016

MAN & RIO joint appearance

MAN CEO Joachim Drees was invited to give a talk on the digital future of the logistics industry and to present RIO as a new brand. You can download the presentation from here.

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