Helping fleet managers stay connected – wherever and whenever

Pocket Fleet lets you access the most important information about your fleet straight from your smartphone.

Why Pocket Fleet?

It is difficult for anyone who does not have their work computer in front of them all the time to keep an eye on business and intervene if necessary. Their ability to act is seriously limited, especially outside normal working hours. The information they need simply isn’t available.

This is where the Pocket Fleet mobile app comes in handy. It has been developed so that you can keep the most relevant fleet and order information right in your pocket – any time, any place. This makes it possible to answer customer inquiries 24/7 and quickly respond to any breakdowns.

That’s efficient fleet management.


What Pocket Fleet can do.


Pocket Fleet provides both a map and summary tables on your smartphone.

The frequency of information transfer from the RIO platform to your smartphone depends on the services you have ordered on the platform. RIO Essentials gives you everything you need – right from day one. RIO Geo speeds everything up dramatically.


  • Shares current locations of all active vehicles
  • Driver-vehicle combinations
  • Lists all drivers
  • Residual time at wheel until next break
  • Current mileage
  • Current speed
  • Current tank fill level

Included for you.

Your benefits

  • Gain insight into the operational side of your business at any time and from any place
  • Be instantly notified about irregularities
  • Stay active and keep control, even after clocking out from work
  • Offer your customers an instant source of information
  • Enjoy having the reliable, easy-to-use system at your fingertips

What you need to get started


On the RIO Platform

Vehicles and Drivers

Must be actively registered on the RIO Platform


With Android operating system

Want to get started right away?

Then let’s get going!

Load Pocket Fleet up on your smartphone and stay in the driver’s seat at your business – even from the comfort of your living-room armchair.