Frequently asked questions about RIO.

Questions about the RIO concept.

RIO has its origin in the Spanish and Portuguese language and stands for the ideal status of the entire supply chain which is flow. If everything moves - is in its flow - everything is fine. No flow means costs.
RIO was developed by marketing experts which wanted to take a name that is completely different to the known players in the market.
The RIO team of experts. They represent more than 500 years of digitalization experience in the T&L industry.
RIO was initiated by MAN Truck & Bus AG but has been a separate brand under the umbrella of the Volkswagen Truck & Bus Group since its founding. RIO, MAN and Scania are jointly developing a platform for the logistics industry.
RIO will be launched in the EU, as well as in Norway and Switzerland.
It is a connected world, especially in the global supply chain. Our ecosystem requires some data to be shared to fully work at an optimum level for all stakeholders. A RIO customer will receive his individual value adding business benefits from the entire ecosystem by sharing his data. This in return will enhance his individual business processes.
Yes, RIO provides a driver performance analysis but just for MAN trucks. There will be a solution for other brands in the future as well.
Yes, RIO also provides trailer data on the platform. Known manufatures like Krone or Schmitz CargoBull will be integrated in the first step.

Questions about the RIO Software.

The RIO platform is completely independent of any operating system. The customer only needs a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) with Internet connectivity and logs on with his user data. Now he can use the RIO products, e.g. the fleet monitor for route planning or LoadFox for tour optimization.
It is a cloud-based solution. You only need a web browser.
There are many apps in the RIO market place that will work with different mobile devices focused on Android.
RIO follows the concept of a non-exclusive platform, therefore all interested parties can join RIO.
Yes, the RIO fleet monitor works with map material from HERE.
Sharing is Caring. Any data that is shared with RIO will be treated with respect and the related care for security.

Questions about the RIO Hardware.

All new trucks of MAN will be RIO line-fitted. RIO retrofit option is available for all other trucks and brands as long as they are equipped with a standard FMS-interface. RIO will also be available for busses in the future.
If you want to use the full range of RIO you need the RIO Box. It can be retrofitted easily into all vehicles with a FMS-interface in the future.
Yes, as long as they are equipped with an FMS-interface.
RIO follows the concept of bring-your-own-device. Of course, RIO will have to assure compatibility, security and quality of all future devices connecting into the system.
Yes, as long as the truck is equipped with a FMS-Interface.

Questions about MAN TELEMATICS®.

Yes, but MAN vehicles easily can be integrated to the RIO platform. There will be a migration of the existing data.
MAN TeleMatics® is the existing solution of MAN Truck & Bus AG which a large number of customers are using already. There will be an integration of the vehicles into the RIO system. With the start of RIO only the new solution will be sold.
This is still to be decided, but we will make sure that all our customers are satisfied.
With the commercial start of RIO a lot of new services and functions will be available. The full coverage of the existing MAN TeleMatics features will be reached during 2017. Though, there may be some differences.

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